The X1 A promises to raise the bar for entry level mics everywhere

27 Sep 2016 17:06

With an abundance of new features, has the Spider V revolutionized digital amplification?

27 Sep 2016 14:36

The FaderPort 8 brings even more versatility and practicality to fans of the original FaderPort

22 Sep 2016 15:13

Analog Heat is promises to set the world ablaze with an abundance of exciting features

21 Sep 2016 12:52

The Earthquaker devices Transmisser pedal is set to open a whole range of intergalactic opportunities

21 Sep 2016 10:32

Dreampop provides the user with all the tools necessary to create a dramatic and inspiring soundscape at the push of a button

20 Sep 2016 12:10

Buy Seaboard RISE, get a Max license worth $99.

19 Sep 2016 15:24

The revered microphone is available now in a limited edition commemorative package.

19 Sep 2016 10:49

Korg Education aims to provide users with an informative and dynamic learning experience

15 Sep 2016 16:49

Monte Neuble discusses using Akai Pro's Advance Keyboard and VIP 2.0 on the road.

15 Sep 2016 16:03

Bring your mixes into focus with iZotope’s free Neutrino plug-in. Insert it on multiple tracks in your session to create better-balanced mixes without sacrificing dynamics.

15 Sep 2016 08:55

iZotope RX Plug-in Pack Promotion available until the 29th September 2016

14 Sep 2016 14:28

A new series of professional-grade In-Ear-Monitors with a premium quality sound, ideal for live performances, recording and listening.

13 Sep 2016 12:02

MXR has recently announced their latest addition : the limited-edition Shin-Juku Drive.

12 Sep 2016 14:15

Roland has unveiled three new additions to the Roland Boutique Synth series including the TR-09 Rhythm Composer, TB-03 Bass Line, and VP-03 Vocoder.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

A new series of innovative drums from Roland - the TD-50 and TD-1KPX has been announced.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

Roland's first DJ Controller - the DJ-808, coming soon to Gear4music.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

Roland has just announced a full range of new products for their Future Redefined Series.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

The new range of digital pianos from Roland has been announced.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

Boss launch their new Katana Series of guitar amps.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

Roland has just released their latest Digital Wind Instrument which features a full host of high quality sounds.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

New Digital Accordions from Roland, coming soon to Gear4music.

10 Sep 2016 03:10

The Latest release from Electro Harmonix

9 Sep 2016 12:15

Focusrite Launch Their New Clarett OctoPre Preamp

8 Sep 2016 16:02

Native Instruments has announced their latest product - the Maschine Jam.

8 Sep 2016 15:19