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Digital Piano Buying Advice

A digital piano is an electrical musical instrument which is designed to serve primarily as an alternative option to their traditional, acoustic counterparts. Unlike an acoustic piano, it has no strings, hammers and no soundboard. Instead, it has electronic sound chips and speakers, which can be used to duplicate the sound and feel of playing a traditional piano.

Because a digital piano relies on sampling, it can produce a range of other instrument sounds. For example, musicians can choose from such instruments as flutes, harpsichords, strings and percussion, making a digital piano an adaptable device.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Digital Piano

There are also a number of accessories which can be purchased to enhance a digital piano, such as headphones. Musicians can choose from a range of such devices, including Roland RH-300 Headphones, which come with a 3.4m straight cable and Audio Technica ATH-M40FS Headphones, which come with a cable of the same length.

Meanwhile, for those who do not already have one, a piano stool may also be required. Gear4music produce a Deluxe Piano Stool in keeping with the traditional style, which is ideal for us with a digital piano.

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