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Fender Guitar Amps

Fender's Frontman amps deliver quality solid-state tone at a low price tag. These solid-state amps are great for beginners, but are also popular with guitarists who are looking for volume on a budget - the Frontman 212R packs 100 Watts of power and onboard reverb into two-channels.

The Hot Rod series were introduced as mid-priced all-valve amplifiers. Featuring classic 50's styling throughout the range, the Hot Rod series make use of Groove Tubes valves for a natural, gritty tube overdrive. The popular Hot Rod Deluxe offers 40-Watts of all-valve tone in a 1x12" enclosure.

The Vintage Reissue series take classic all-valve Fender amp models from history and reissue them for today's players. The Vintage Reissue amps are made to be as close to the original spec as possible, and are named following the year the spec was taken from. The '65 Deluxe Reverb and '65 Princeton Reverb are both revered amp models from the Fender pre-CBS period and offer players a faithful recreation of some of the greatest amps in history.

The Vintage Modified series combine the glorious tone of Fender valve amps, with the flexibility of modern solid-state technology such as onboard DSP effects. The Deluxe VM takes its design from the treasured Deluxe Reverb, whilst adding high-quality effects such as delay and chorus. The Super Champ XD is a 15-Watt hybrid that delivers the same features in a smaller, lower-powered cabinet.

About Fender Guitar Amps

Whilst it was the Stratocaster and Telecaster that made Fender in to a household name, Leo Fender began making guitar amps before he manufactured guitars. The first amps were classic tube amps, but by the later 1960s the company began making solid state models too.

Fender guitar amps have been favourites of musicians across the musical spectrum from their invention in 1945. The Blackface, Silverface, Brownface and Tweed Fender guitar amp ranges have come to help define the sound of many genres of music, from surf to shoegaze and country to electric blues.

In the 60s, John Lennon favoured the Deluxe Reverb. In the late 80s, Kurt Cobain used a ’65 Twin to record ‘Bleach’. Even the most modern bands such as Bloc Party, No Age and Best Coast favour Fender’s timeless tone.

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