The Cajon is fast becoming one of the most popular percussion instruments in today's diverse music scene but is thought to have been originally developed around coastal Peru in the early 19th century. Cajons are perfect for use in Latin and World music or for those unplugged acoustic gigs and outdoor performances.

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About Cajons

The Cajon Drum is a simple instrument with a complex sound. Some people believe that the Cajon originates from the use of shipping crates as improvised percussion instruments. From these humble beginnings the Cajon is now a hugely popular instrument found in many different types of music.

The Cajon makes different sounds depending on where and how it is struck - everything from a deep bass sound to a sharp snare effect. Whether it is providing the entire rhythm section or acting as part of a wider ensemble the Cajon is a powerful instrument in the hands of both beginners and experts.

For the Cajon players there are no rules. A beginner can easily coax out a good rhythm from the drum but in the hands of an expert the Cajon produces a rich, resonant and complex sound. With a little practice any beginner can begin to master the subtleties of the Cajon!

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