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AKG Microphones is an Austrian audio electronics company founded in 1947. Mainly known for microphones, AKG have established themselves among other top mic manufacturers thanks to their high-quality and versatile mics. View All Information

AKG Microphones

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About AKG Microphones

AKG are renowned for products such as their C414 and C12 condenser mics – known for their sparkly and warm character. The D112 kick drum microphone is another studio-classic and a popular seller at Gear4music.com – known for its ability to handle high pressure sounds.

In addition to producing a wide range of dynamic and condenser microphones, AKG also manufacture a selection of drum mic sets, stage mics and wireless mic systems. The AKG WMS40 series of wireless mics are extremely popular with performers and venues. AKG are an internationally acclaimed professional audio brand used by performing artists, engineers and musicians the world over.

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