Line 6 Spider IV 15 Guitar Combo Amp

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  • Number One Amp in USA!
  • 8" Custom Speaker in a 3/4 Closed-Back Cabinet
  • 4 Dialled in Amp Models: Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane
  • 6 Smart FX (2 At Once)
  • Access to Spider Online Resources

Line 6 Spider IV 15 Guitar Combo Amp


The Line 6 Spider IV is the number one selling amp in the USA! It's hugely popular amongst many types of musicians. The inspiring model collection is based on classic amps and rock tones that all guitarists need in their collection whilst the extraordinary Smart FX are enough to keep any experimenting guitarist happy.

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Essential Rock Amp Models

The Spider IV houses a perfectly distilled collection of four American and British amp tones. From warm jazz tones with shimmering highs, through classic crunch inspired by a 100 watt Marshall® Plexi, to punchy high gain heaven inspired by a Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier® and a fourth channel dialled in for shredding inspired by Metal Red, the Spider IV 15 has a variety of tones to keep any guitarist happy!

This last channel, perfected for the shredders out there, is Line 6's 'Insane' amp model - lean, mean and flooded with distortion. Inspired by the tone of a Mesa Boogie® Dual Rectifier® (red channel) it delivers plenty of mid-range teeth for that bone crushing grind.

Full Control of Your Sound

The front panel 3-band EQ including Bass, Mid and Treble knobs allows you to quickly and simply sculpt your tones until they sound just the way you want. If you're looking for a little more grit, pile on the distortion with the dedicated Drive knob - give your clean tones some bite, make your dirty tones filthy or roll back the Drive to clean up your crunchy tones for that classic mid-gain sound. Make sure your lead tones don't blow away your clean rhythm tones by balancing the volumes of your presets quickly and easily using the Channel volume knob. Once they are set you can forget them and concentrate on playing.

6 Smart FX Models

With the Spider IV 15 you have award-winning Line 6 effects at your fingertips. The Smart FX are easy to use and front panel accessible meaning you can spend less time tweaking your sound and more time playing. The Spider IV 15 features a vibey Chorus/Flange, Phaser, Tremelo, Sweep Echo, Tape Echo and Reverb. Have all your time based effects fall in line and sync up like a pro using the Tap Tempo button.

Dialled In Tones

Whatever your style, you can create up to four custom-made presets. Save each to a Channel memory and recall it at the touch of a button. If you have an FBV Express MKII Foot Controller or a FBV2 Foot Controller you can use these to scroll through and recall presets remotely.

The Line 6 Spider IV 15 has an advantage over many other amps. Its small size means it is portable and can fit into a smaller jamming space or venue easily. They can produce great tones, including loaded high gain, at low volumes. Why sacrifice tone for that late night jam or practice session? Now you can have both. The three quarter closed back cabinet provides a tight, punchy and focused response that you just don't get from an open back cabinet.

Always Sound Your Best

The in built tuner negates the need for any additional pedals, cables or devices. simply push the button on the Spider IV's front panel and you're instantly in tune. The 8" Custom speaker helps clean tones sing whilst creating responsive overdrives and searing brutal tones.


"This 15-watt version of the Spider IV is as impressive as its 75-watt sibling, albeit for different reasons. No home should be without one." - Guitarist Magazine

"Bottom Line - this is a killer amp. There are just too many things to like about the Spider IV. It's got great tone, a ton of options and the ability to be loud enough to make your chest pound. What else could you ask for in an amp?" -


To read more about the Spider Online resource please download the PDF above.

  • Power: 15 Watt Mono
  • Speakers: 8" Custom Speaker
  • Amp Models: Clean, Crunch, Metal, Insane
  • Effects: Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo, Reverb and Tap Tempo. Up to 2 FX at once. Noise Gate
  • Presets/Channels: 4 User Programmable
  • Ins/Outs: Headphone/Direct Out, CD/MP3 jack, FBV jack
  • Tuner: Built in front panel tuner
  • Compatible Foot Controllers: FBV2, FBV Express MKII (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 16"W x 15" H x 8.5" D, 17lbs
  • Additional Features: Free Access to Spider Online 500+ guitar lessons, tones, jam tracks and more