Pearl Reference Pure 22'' Fusion Shell Pack, Scarlet Sparkle Burst

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  • Pearl Reference Pure 4 Piece Shell Pack, Scarlet Sparkle Burst
  • Ultra-Thin Evenply Maple and Birch Shells
  • Reduced Shell Hardware Mass Allows for Superior Resonance
  • Super High Gloss Lacquer Finishes
  • Snare, Tom Arms, Hardware and Cymbals Sold Separately

Pearl Reference Pure 22'' Fusion Shell Pack, Scarlet Sparkle Burst

Pearl Reference Pure Kits are a thin shell alternative to the Reference Drums. As with the Reference series, Pearl have developed the perfect configuration for each separate shell. Reference Pure kits allow better vibration from the drum head to the actual shell, whilst the 45 degree bearing edge provides pinpoint articulation of your playing. The low mass tom OptiMount suspension system also reduces surface content for maximum resonance. Pure Drums are 30 thinner than the original Reference kits, creating a resonant, accurate and lightweight drum kit optimised for professional recording.

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Reference Pure - The Difference

Pearl's Reference Pure shells are designed with the ultimate sound in mind. Each shell features a wealth of innovation designed to deliver that expectation.

Evenply shells are 30% thinner than the average Pearl shell, and will resonate freely with the lightest touch. Even the subtlest playing dynamics will be projected beautifully by these ultra thin Reference Pure shells. This innovation is coupled with the aluminium OptiMount tom suspension system, which mounts to the tension rods and isolates the shell from metal to metal contact. STL Swivel lugs are used to allow for minimal shell contact and increased resonance, whilst the floor tom features Air Suspension rubber feet which isolate the tom from the floor.

The Pearl Reference series Bass Drum shells consist of 6 inner plies of Mahogany and 2 outer plies of Maple that provide solid and responsive bass frequencies. The bass drum shells also use a fully rounded bearing edge that allow for maximum kinetic energy transfer from the head to the shell for a solid punch and ultimate resonance.

The Pearl Reference series 12" Tom are the only solid wood shell in the series with 6 plies of Maple for a smooth and balanced tone. The Pearl Reference 10" Tom consists of 4 plies of Maple again for a smooth and balanced tone as well as 2 inner plies of Birch for added attack and cut. Both Toms use a rounded 45 degree bearing edge to keep the woods balanced with a solid punch.

The 14" Floor Tom in the Pearl Reference series are made from Maple with inner plies of African mahogany to provide thunderous lows as well as a fully rounded bearing edge to provide more punch and resonance.


  • 22'' x 18'' Bass Drum - 10mm 8 Ply Maple and Mahogany, Fully Rounded Edge
  • 10'' x 8'' Quick Tom - 7.5mm 6 Ply Maple and Birch, Rounded 45 Degree Edge
  • 12'' x 9'' Quick Tom - 7.5mm 6 Ply Maple, Rounded 45 Degree Edge
  • 14'' x 14'' Floor Tom - 10mm 8 Ply Maple and Mahogany, Full Rounded Edge
  • Individual Shell Spec for Each Drum
  • Super High Gloss Lacquer Finish (including Sparkles)
  • Remo Clear Emperor Tom Heads, Powerstroke3 Bass Heads
  • Aluminium OptiMount Suspension Tom Mounts (Tom Arms Sold Separately)
  • MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops
  • BRL Bridge Lugs with Swivel Function

Snare, Tom Arms, Cymbals and Hardware sold separately