Samplers trigger, record and playback audio samples using either analog tape or digital PCM sampling. Akai Samplers revolutionised how musicians approached making music in the 1980's with the MPC. Production tools like Native Instruments Maschine MK3 have added extra dimensions to the performance sampler.

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About Samplers & Sequencers

A Sampler is an electronic instrument that uses samples or recordings to generate new sounds. These samples are either loaded onto or recorded into the device, to be then played back or sequenced by onboard pads or keys. Samplers are mostly popular with electronic musicians, but they can also be used in traditional band situations to add diversity. A lot of samplers, such as the Roland SP 404 SX and SP 555, allow you to edit the sample’s start and end points, pitch and other parameters - you can also add FX to manipulate your samples. The Nord Wave is a synthesizer that allows samples to be used as its sound source.

Sampler & Sequencer News

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Moog Gathering

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