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Tanglewood Guitars are built with the finest tonewoods to give you the best natural sound possible. Tanglewood acoustics inspire you to create, perform and record, with their smooth playability and affordability. View all information

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British manufacturer, Tanglewood Guitars make acoustic, electric, bass and folk instruments. Originally founded in London in 1988 they later moved to Kent and also have space very nearby our offices in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Today, they are one of the UK's best selling acoustic guitar brands.

The Tanglewood guitar ranges include Discover, Evolution, Heritage, Java, Master Design, Nashville, Premier, Roadster and Sundance. Explore the series using the buttons at the top of this page to find out more. Add to this a range of Tanglewood bass guitars, folk instruments and guitar packs and it's easy to see that whatever type of guitarist you are, Tanglewood has a guitar to suit.

Tanglewood News

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Musikmesse 2013: What's New From Tanglewood?

Tanglewood have launched a host of new Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic guitars at Musikmesse this year, as well as adding to its range of acoustic amplifiers.... More  »

12 Apr 2013 09:57

Tanglewood guitar packs 'cover every base'

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