Learning a new skill can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding reliable sources to help you become a pro at home. It’s easy to spend hours scrolling through websites which contain incorrect information and lead you the wrong way. As a beginner this can be very stressful and can feel quite discouraging.

3 May 2022 16:49

Few brands carry authentic boutique status across their entire product range as much as Suhr. Far from just a builder of some of the finest guitars on the planet, John Suhr has lent his Midas touch to the boutique amplifier and pedal market as well.

18 Mar 2022 16:54

Sunshine and music. A combination that goes hand in hand. After months of lockdown, restrictions are beginning to ease. Whether you’re planning an outdoor live music event, having a BBQ with family, or catching up with friends, we’ve got the perfect PA gear to make sure everyone can hear the music, while socially distanced outside.

1 Dec 2021 16:55