About Gear4Music.com News Editors

Matt Wilkinson

Matt regularly scans the web and trade press for the latest and most exciting stories that are brought to life with his great product knowledge. Gear4music.com's close relationship with suppliers and industry experts gives him access to exclusive stories from the wider music industry and updates from our team of specialists.

Toop Harris

Toop is one of our resident guitar specialists in our Web Content department, and also helps out with our social media, finding exclusive stories to broadcast to our customers. Toop has over 17 years’ experience of playing Bass guitar, and has played in many bands across Yorkshire.

Jonathan Meager

Jonathan is always on the lookout for unique and interesting stories for the Gear4music.com news channel. He brings us the latest on emerging brands, new technology instruments and the latest music gear straight from live shows worldwide. With an interest in computer based music and synthesizers, Jonathan is committed to being the first to know about any new gear.

Victoria Brown

With a keen interest in guitar and bass, Vicky works in the marketing department at Gear4music.com. She is dedicated to bringing you news on the latest offers, promotions and deals from our suppliers as well as news and insights into established and emerging music brands.

Steve Reid

Steve is Gear4music.com's resident drum expert and owns a huge range of drum and percussion equipment. Having toured with a number of bands, Steve is well placed to give insights into which instruments artists have been using. His knowledge is also used to provide in depth articles about drums for the Gear4music.com Tips and Advice section.

Andrew Wass

Working within the music industry for over 10 years, Andrew has an exceptional vantage point for ensuring that the Gear4music.com news channel provides the most accurate and relevant music news. Having formerly run his own music studio, Andrew has a superb knowledge of recording and production.

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