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The Gear4music News section is where we bring you the latest news and guides. Here are our news writers and collaborators.

Adam Jones

Adam is part of our High Tech purchasing team and he regularly helps with the social media, YouTube video production, and creating great office playlists.

Adam graduated from university with a degree in Music Technology. He has over a decade of experience in the music industry, including playing in various bands across the UK, touring as a backline tech and tour manager, and producing videos.

Adam also writes for various alternative webzines where he reviews albums, gigs, and festivals across the country. Adam recently picked up a beautiful ESP hollow-body, much to the envy of the Gear4music guitar staff.

Matt Wilkinson

Matt is our Marketing Executive. Having worked as a session guitarist and teacher, Matt has spent years (and a good deal of his income) trying to sate his insatiable Gear Acquisition Syndrome, with a particular interest in guitar and studio equipment. As it turns out, all that time enthusing about gear has helped him greatly with the marketing at Gear4music.

Matt is a classically-trained guitarist who quickly found the 'dark art' of the electric guitar. He performs as a classical guitar soloist, as well as on the electric/acoustic guitar in musical theatre, big bands, orchestras, function bands, originals projects, and more.

Matt's former roles have included web development, music education, music production, and marketing. His favourite guitar is a Telecaster ("it's simple, like me").

Michael Hayes

Michael is our Senior Copywriter. His work helps shape the tone of the Gear4music website with his wide-ranging experience in print/video advertising, conceptual copywriting, scriptwriting, blogs, PR, social media, SEO content, email campaigns, pitch creation, App UX copy... In short, Michael knows nearly ALL the words and he has a great deal of experience in using them.

Michael is a self-taught guitarist of 8 years who produces his own tracks with collaborators. He plays a lovely semi-hollow Gibson electric guitar and also happened to murder a version of 'Whatever' by Oasis at a wedding once - all in the name of self-development.

Toop Harris

Toop is our Web Content Manager. As well as managing a team of extremely busy web content writers, Toop often helps out with social media, finding exclusive stories to broadcast to our customers.

Toop has over 19 years’ experience of bass guitar and has played in many bands across the UK supporting The Beat, The Skints, Ruts DC and many more. She has a particular penchant for Reggae, and has even tackled the mighty job of covering Flea's bass guitar parts in a RHCP covers band.

Toop has hands-on experience in managing bands, events and their online presence. She has a University background in Product Design and Management.

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