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Software Development Team

Our dedicated Web & PHP development team has been established in Manchester for almost 15 years. At the start of 2017, the team was officially brought in-house and has become part of the Gear4music family, allowing us to ramp-up our capability to bring key projects online faster, innovate and generally do more awesome stuff!

We are continually investing in our front and back-end systems and, most importantly, the teams that make them possible – that keeps us at the forefront of e-commerce and helps us deliver a great experience for our customers.

We're looking for creative web developers and software engineers who can bring fresh ideas from all areas including, systems & data architecture, software engineering, process analysis and security, UI & UX. We need versatile engineers who display leadership qualities and are enthusiastic about tackling new problems across a range of business areas.

Our engineers aren’t just great coders or architects; they raise the bar for the whole business. They share their knowledge across the organisation, mentor upcoming talent and, more than anyone else, ‘get it’ and get it done.


We are a people company and our Manchester team all have a software background. Input, ideas and innovation are welcomed and encouraged from everyone in the team. This is an open, collaborative and friendly workspace. Help is always at hand, we work in a supportive learning environment where our developers and engineers are challenged to use their skills and creativity to overcome a range of unsolved problems.

We understand that learning new systems is not always easy and it takes time. You will be given the support you need to grow and develop. With mentoring and support from the CTO, Technical Architects, Development Managers and Senior Engineers - you will be learning from the industry’s best, to become the best.


We push PHP to its limits, building enterprise systems using bespoke PHP systems. If you are an inquisitive developer you will find the work varied, interesting and challenging. We adopt Agile/Scrum practises, if you are not familiar with this don’t worry our in-house Scrum Masters are on hand to get you up to speed. After all, it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

You will also be given the chance to work with and learn:

  • MySQL working with large & complex schemas
  • Interface development with HTMLS, SASS/CSS, JavaScript (including frameworks – Angular JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, ExtJS)
  • Cloud based UNIX/Linux environments
  • Experience building highly scalable and complex distributed systems
  • Elasticsearch, Solr, Composer, Vagrant, Capistrano, Puppet, GitHub, Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Codeception, PHPUnit, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, App Engine, Datastore, xhprof
  • More every day . . . we are always keen to adopt new technologies in a sustainable way

If you would like to apply for development role based in Manchester or York then please visit our Current Vacancies section.

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