DISC Yamaha YHR667 Professional Double French Horn, Gold

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  • Includes Yamaha 30C4 Mouthpiece and Case
  • Produces Warm Sounds Comparable to Top French Horns
  • Ideal for Students and Attractive to Professionals
  • Features High Quality Materials & Reliable Mechanisms
  • Silent String Mechanism Enables Silent Operation

DISC Yamaha YHR667 Professional Double French Horn, Gold


The Yamaha YHR667 Professional Double French Horn offers a warm, clear sound and feel that matches the ability of top french horns. The horn has an outstanding level of flexibility that allows players to show their musical expression through the instrument. The easy response and sure note centering make this instrument suitable for students, and the colourful tones and precise intonation make it attractive to professionals. This model is aimed at performers who are upgrading to a double french horn.

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Professional Design and Manufacture

This model includes a hand hammered bell which increases depth to the sound produced. The Yamaha YHR667 features a hammering and annealing process that are optimized by the use of computer controlled equipment, making sure that the sound is consistently dominant. The hammering process gives the bell a rich, resonant tone and annealing is a cooling process that helps control of the acoustics to be simpler. The layout on this model is much more open which allows a freer airflow through the horn, reducing unwanted restriction when playing loud dynamics.

Double French Horn

A requirement for most french horn performers is the ability to change between the keys of F and Bb. This makes music that would normally be unplayable on a single horn more accessible. The YHR667 French horn has this ability through the use of the 4th Key, which can be changed round to play either F or Bb when depressed, giving great flexibility for the professional horn player.

Silent String Mechanism

Yamaha have included a string mechanism with the YHR667 to help provide a silent operation. This is extremely useful when playing quieter passages over its equivalent metal mechanical design. String mechanisms also offer fine adjustment and easy maintenance to the instrument.

Included Yamaha Mouthpiece and Hard Case

The YHR667 Horn includes a Yamaha 30C4. The U shaped cup on this mouthpiece produces a brighter sound and makes it easier to play in the higher register. This mouthpiece is best suited to an everyday player and is great to accommodate all needs. Also included with the French Horn is a moulded hard case which makes transportation much easier.

For more information about the range of Yamaha French Horns view the PDF document above.



  • Finish: Clear Lacquer
  • Body: Yellow Brass
  • Valve Casings: Yellow Brass


  • Number of Valves: 4 Rotary Valves
  • Lever Action: String
  • Bell Type: One piece, Attached
  • Bell Size: Medium
  • Bore Size: 12mm (0.472")
  • Key Of: F/Bb

Included Accessories

  • Yamaha 30C4 Mouthpiece
  • Yamaha Sleek Horn Case