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About sE Electronics

sE Electronics were founded at the beginning of the millennium by Siwei Zou, a highly-regarded and hugely talented classical musician from Shanghai. Zou's experience as a classical composer, recording artist and recording engineer has been vital to the company's growth.

The sE Electronics range covers all bases by offering everything from solid state to tube mics, pencil condensers to large diaphragm and all in between.

sE Electronics also make a wide range of microphone and recording accessories including their Reflexion Filter and shock mounts. We also have a number of exclusive sE mic bundles which include everything you need to start recording straight away.

sE Electronics News

NAMM 2019 | sE Electronics Debuts its Brand-New V Series Drum Microphones

The sE Electronics V Kick and V Beat drum mics are here to "reinvent" the way we mic up a drum kit. Accurate and natural-sounding capsules, built-in shock mounts, preset EQ switches, revolutionary mounting designs, and more...... More  »

15 Jan 2019 16:19

sE Electronics Launch sE8 Small Condenser Microphone

The latest entry into the acclaimed microphone brands line-up, the sE8 Small Condenser Microphone packs a big punch despite its diminutive and compact frame.... More  »

13 Jul 2017 13:24

Buy an sE Electronics Microphone and Get a Free Dual Prop Pop Filter Until the 31st of December

Made for those who wish to convey a range of different vocal dynamics, the Dual Pro Pop Filter provides the user with ultimate versatility.... More  »

7 Nov 2016 17:00