Isobel Campbell has recalled the early days of her music career.

31 Oct 2010 09:00

Gibson has made its latest electric guitar public.

30 Oct 2010 09:00

Gibson USA announces details of the revolutionary Firebird X.

29 Oct 2010 17:33

Kings of Leon will play several UK dates next summer, it has been revealed.

29 Oct 2010 16:36

Demand for Take That tickets - which went on sale this morning - has been ''twice that of Michael Jackson.''

29 Oct 2010 16:30

Dave Grohl writes all his songs on the same guitar and hasn't changed the way he approaches writing new albums since he started Foo Fighters.

29 Oct 2010 16:30

Gibson has named Django Reinhardt as the best acoustic guitar player in history.

29 Oct 2010 11:32

Eminem is in the studio with Dr. Dre, thought to be working on the producer's much delayed 'Detox' album.

29 Oct 2010 09:45

Pixie Lott said playing live is what stops her from going crazy and enables her to cope with her hectic life.

29 Oct 2010 06:45

Billy Corgan said he takes on huge musical projects - such as his present 44 track opus 'Teargarden By Kaleidyscope'- because otherwise he'll get bored.

29 Oct 2010 06:45

Many children would love to be bought an electric guitar this Christmas.

28 Oct 2010 18:53

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have reunited for a new Foo Fighters song.

28 Oct 2010 16:51

Bryan Adams doubts he'll ever make another rock album with a full band, instead concentrating on acoustic music.

28 Oct 2010 16:30

'Billionaire' singer Travie McCoy was arrested for spraying graffiti on the Berlin Wall last night (27.10.10).

28 Oct 2010 16:30

The Chemical Brothers are planning to make a Dubstep album, in a plan to take the genre to new levels

28 Oct 2010 16:30

The guitar-playing abilities of Paul Simon are often forgotten because of his other talents, it has been suggested.

28 Oct 2010 15:31

Propellerhead Reason and Record music software has been demonstrated at Ministry of Sound.

28 Oct 2010 10:24

La Roux singer Elly Jackson has admitted she is bored of the synth genre for which the band became famous and hopes to move on to a different sound for their new album.

28 Oct 2010 09:45

Linkin Park reckon some fans will need to ''digest'' their latest album, whereas others will think ''what the f**k?''

28 Oct 2010 09:45

Taylor Swift writes songs about her personal experiences which have made her ''shudder it is to think about''.

28 Oct 2010 06:45

UK singer Charlotte Church worries people see her as a ''feisty, opinionated simpleton''.

28 Oct 2010 06:45

Bon Jovi have been are the first headliner to be confirmed for Hard Rock Calling festival in London next summer, as well as announcing two other UK dates.

27 Oct 2010 16:30

Nirvana bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have reunited with producer Butch Vig - who recorded their seminal 'Nevermind' album - and recorded a song together.

27 Oct 2010 16:30

Music has the power to have a physical effect on some people, it has been discovered.

27 Oct 2010 16:13

Gibson is holding a mysterious press conference in New York later this week.

27 Oct 2010 14:11

Keith Richards has spoken about his attachment to his first guitar.

27 Oct 2010 11:55

The acoustic guitar playing skills of Nick Drake have been praised.

27 Oct 2010 09:58

Keith Richards has revealed he wrote a song with Sir Paul McCartney after the pair met up on holiday.

27 Oct 2010 09:45

A huge auction of Johnny Cash's personal belongings including instruments, hand written lyrics and stage outfits will take place on December 5.

27 Oct 2010 09:45

Willow Smith is basing her musical career on punk rocker Billy Idol and pop singer Lady Gaga.

27 Oct 2010 06:45

Massive Attack are planning to release new EPs in 2011, on a more ''spontaneous'' basis.

27 Oct 2010 06:45

Neil Young's talent for playing the acoustic guitar has been praised as part of a music poll.

26 Oct 2010 20:11

Electric guitar group the Foo Fighters have announced details of two big UK shows next year.

26 Oct 2010 18:08

Lady Gaga started writing songs with producer RedOne on the day they met, and their first meeting produced album track 'Boys Boys Boys'.

26 Oct 2010 16:30

The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has revealed it was an ''emotional experience'' to have drummer Jon Brookes rejoin the band on Saturday (26.10.10) after his brain tumour.

26 Oct 2010 16:30

Damien Hirst has had a hand in designing what may be the world's most expensive bass guitar.

26 Oct 2010 16:05

The stars were out in force for the Q Awards earlier this week.

26 Oct 2010 14:07

Take That have confirmed plans for a reunion tour with Robbie Williams, during which the 'Angels' hitmaker will also perform a solo set.

26 Oct 2010 12:30

A greater number of girls are following the examples of Vanessa Mae and Nicola Benedetti and picking up violins, it has been claimed.

26 Oct 2010 11:40

Sir Paul McCartney dedicated a Q Award he collected for Wings album 'Band On The Run' to his late wife Linda yesterday (25.10.10).

26 Oct 2010 09:45

Jay-Z and Kanye West have expanded their plans to collaborate on an EP into a full album together.

26 Oct 2010 09:45

Cee Lo Green has admitted he worries about the dark side of his Gnarls Barkley partner Danger Mouse's character.

26 Oct 2010 06:45

Crystal Castles have re-recorded a version of their track 'Not In Love' with The Cure frontman Robert Smith.

26 Oct 2010 06:45

Rolling Stones man Ronnie Wood has said he gets a "comfortable" sound from his Fender Stratocaster.

25 Oct 2010 17:24

25 Oct 2010 16:30

A new Britney Spears track, 'Pleasure You' - which features raunchy lyrics - has been leaked.

25 Oct 2010 16:30

Florence and the Machine took home two prizes at this year's Q Awards in London today (25.10.10) including Best Female for Florence Welch.

25 Oct 2010 16:30

Eric Clapton's acoustic guitar playing has been praised as part of a Gibson poll.

25 Oct 2010 15:18

Steve Vai is to hold a special event at Guitar Nation 2010.

25 Oct 2010 13:45

'Night Nurse' reggae singer Gregory Isaacs died in London this morning (2510.10) from cancer.

25 Oct 2010 12:30

Charlotte Church is learning the guitar as part of efforts to become a better musician.

25 Oct 2010 10:47

Kanye West has pledged to stay true to himself and not be swayed by other people's opinions or ''the devil''.

25 Oct 2010 09:45

'Ambitions' singer Joe McElderry said he won't strip off to promote his singing career, as he thinks it is a ''gimmick''.

25 Oct 2010 09:45

Pianist Gabriela Montero has spoken about her ability to tap into the "musical universe" and improvise pieces.

25 Oct 2010 09:21

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way says he is ''still 16'', and will always see himself as a teenager.

25 Oct 2010 06:45

Reformed British indie band Suede were worried how their reunion could have ''gone horribly wrong'' as they are ''men in their 40s playing teenage songs''.

25 Oct 2010 06:45

Prince and U2 have already signed up to appear at Glastonbury Festival 2011, it has been claimed.

24 Oct 2010 09:00

A Scottish bagpipe band has announced concert dates in their homeland.

23 Oct 2010 09:00

The Drums singer Jonathan Pierce has described ex-guitarist Adam Kessler as ''forgettable'' after he quit the day before the band's first ever headlining US tour.

22 Oct 2010 16:30

The Temper Trap's greatest live moment was when their show turned into ''a Bon Jovi video'', with the crowd being hosed down.

22 Oct 2010 16:30

Bono has revealed plans for three new album releases for his band.

22 Oct 2010 16:00

Footballer Paul McVeigh learned how to play piano and guitar during his time off the pitch.

22 Oct 2010 14:12

Roland is to host its first ever webcast to offer advice to musicians.

22 Oct 2010 10:48

McIlroy returns to Cradle of Filth for release of bands ninth studio album

22 Oct 2010 10:39

Prince is being lined up for one of the headlining slots for Glastonbury 2011, with U2 and Coldplay also set to play.

22 Oct 2010 09:45

Professor Green was forced to cut a set short at a MOBOs afterparty after a fight broke out, while N-Dubz had an altercation with club bouncers at a separate event.

22 Oct 2010 09:45

50 Cent has helped guide fellow rapper Soulja Boy through his career.

22 Oct 2010 06:45

N-Dubz feel US pop group Black Eyed Peas are the only band that can compare to them.

22 Oct 2010 06:45

An orchestral musician has spoken about her love of playing the violin for a living.

21 Oct 2010 19:00

Instruments are being sought by a charity scheme dedicated to helping Iraqi children.

21 Oct 2010 17:47

U2 are working with producer Danger Mouse - the man behind Gnarls Barley - on their next album.

21 Oct 2010 16:30

Punk singer Ari-Up, of the band The Slits, has tragically passed away aged 48.

21 Oct 2010 16:30

N-Dubz want to record a ''great pop tune'' with 'Promise This' singer Cheryl Cole.

21 Oct 2010 16:30

Noel Gallagher has done some drumming for Paul Weller's latest album.

21 Oct 2010 15:45

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has flown the Liverpool team to Italy.

21 Oct 2010 14:09

Electric guitar players have been advised on how to maintain their instruments.

21 Oct 2010 11:36

World-class Producer Gil Norton an avid user of sE Electronics Microphones.

21 Oct 2010 10:47

Tinie Tempah, JLS, N-Dubz, Professor Green and Eminem scooped two trophies each at the MOBO awards last night (20.10.10).

21 Oct 2010 09:45

Rihanna has swapped her management, joining her former mentor, Jay-Z's, Roc Nation group.

21 Oct 2010 09:45

Billy Idol said he doesn't mind ''indulging'' women, but has given up the drugs and alcohol which made him ''burn out'' in the 80s.

21 Oct 2010 06:45

Richard Hawley releases his first whisky inspired track, 'In The Barrel', today (21.10.10).

21 Oct 2010 06:45

The Streets' Mike Skinner's ''music, life and art'' has been greatly improved since he bought air conditioning for his studio.

21 Oct 2010 06:45

Jason Bonham has praised his late father's skills behind the drum kit.

20 Oct 2010 18:00

The Rolling Stones guitarists Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards both have ''itchy feet'' and are ready to go on tour with the band.

20 Oct 2010 16:30

Brandon Flowers denies he is an ''egomaniac'' and said he would be fine with other members of The Killers making solo albums. Headline Abstract

20 Oct 2010 16:30

Some of the most unusual band names in music have been singled out for attention by Gibson.

20 Oct 2010 16:00

Musicians have been encouraged to compose their own material in order to have control over their careers.

20 Oct 2010 14:00

The daughter of legendary musician Sir Paul McCartney has revealed she found his guitar playing annoying when she was younger.

20 Oct 2010 12:28

'I Need You Tonight' hitmaker Professor Green told London's Snaresbrook Crown Court how he thought he was going to die after being stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle.

20 Oct 2010 09:45

Elton John was ''too terrified'' to listen to his own latest album 'The Union' album after he recorded it.

20 Oct 2010 09:45

Eliza Doolittle surprises people when she tells them she is a huge Radiohead fan, because it doesn't fit with how they perceive her.

20 Oct 2010 06:45

A new Moog synthesizer is small and light, making it perfectly designed to suit travelling musicians.

19 Oct 2010 18:00

Former Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable died by choking on his own vomit in June this year, an inquest has found.

19 Oct 2010 16:30

Bon Jovi will be the inaugural recipients of the Global Icon award at this year's MTV European Music Awards (EMAs).

19 Oct 2010 16:30

Miles Kane has confirmed that the Last Shadow Puppets will return in the foreseeable future.

19 Oct 2010 16:02

Acoustic guitar musician Jack Johnson has said surfing is a songwriting inspiration for him.

19 Oct 2010 14:43

Violin playing can help to improve children's reading levels and their proficiency at mathematics, it has been suggested.

19 Oct 2010 12:14

'Umbrella' singer Rihanna reportedly wants to record with Cheryl Cole, who she claims is the ''most beautiful woman I have ever seen''.

19 Oct 2010 09:45

Rolling Stones rockers Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor are rumoured to be reuniting live on stage for a one off gig in the hope of raising awareness about London’s ailing 100 Club.

19 Oct 2010 09:40

Sade has turned down working with Jay-Z as she is ''too scared'' to collaborate with anyone, and likes to work inside her ''safety zone''.

19 Oct 2010 06:45

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed while he enjoys the ''freedom'' of his post-Beatles music career, he found it a challenge to create an identity for his second band Wings.

19 Oct 2010 06:45

Duff McKagan made a surprise appearance at a Guns N' Roses gig last week.

18 Oct 2010 20:00

More charity gigs by Pink Floyd could be on the cards, according to the group's drummer Nick Mason.

18 Oct 2010 18:00

Nirvana are to be celebrated at a Seattle museum from April next year.

18 Oct 2010 16:33

R.E.M.'s new album, 'Collapse Into Now', will feature ''more ballads'' but also ''straight ahead rockers''.

18 Oct 2010 16:30

Brandon Flowers performed a cover version of Kim Carnes's 1981 hit 'Bette Davis Eyes' at his first London solo concert last night (17.10.10).

18 Oct 2010 16:30

Guitarist Dave Davis is reportedly ''coming around'' to a reunion with his band The Kinks.

18 Oct 2010 16:30

The Jail Guitar Doors programme is continuing to expand.

18 Oct 2010 14:27

Tony Blair has kept hold of three special electric guitars given to him when he was prime minister, it has been revealed.

18 Oct 2010 11:36

'Party Girl' singers McFly no longer care about chart positions.

18 Oct 2010 06:45

James Blunt is ''glad'' he isn't in the army any longer, because he doesn't agree with Britain's current involvement in Afghanistan.

18 Oct 2010 06:45

Stirling's Big Noise children's orchestra have been visited by violinist Nicola Benedetti.

16 Oct 2010 09:14

Keith Richards once threatened one of his best friends by putting a pistol to his head, to stop him from writing a book about his drug use.

15 Oct 2010 16:30

Carl Barat was inspired to write personal material for his self-titled solo album following the demise of his bands The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things.

15 Oct 2010 16:30

Amy Macdonald has spoken about her songwriting process.

15 Oct 2010 16:16

The BBC Concert Orchestra is using moog synthesizers as part of its collaboration with Goldfrapp's Will Gregory.

15 Oct 2010 16:12

The London Bass Guitar Show will be attended by representatives from Yamaha and Warwick.

15 Oct 2010 13:58

The Chilean miners were honoured at a recent Pixies gig in Santiago.

15 Oct 2010 11:36

Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose was reunited with former bandmate Duff McKagan onstage in London last night (14.10.10).

15 Oct 2010 09:45

Lady Gaga has paid an undisclosed amount on a seven-disc collection of her own recordings, which were due to be put up for auction by her first manager Bob Leone.

15 Oct 2010 09:45

Carl Barat had to break out of his ''indie-stasis'' to write his solo album, as he found being in a band was ''distracting''.

15 Oct 2010 06:45

MGMT sometimes ''pray'' that they sound good to their audiences, because they don't always sound great on stage.

15 Oct 2010 06:45

Friendship will have to be put to one side as two women take part in a music contest.

14 Oct 2010 19:07

Youngsters in Oxfordshire had the chance to jam with their heroes after Guns N' Roses paid a visit.

14 Oct 2010 17:05

Gary Barlow made a surprise appearance at a Robbie Williams concert last night (13.10.10), where they performed their duet 'Shame' together.

14 Oct 2010 16:30

Justin Bieber has released a rap video under the alias Shawty Mane.

14 Oct 2010 16:30

The Ting Tings and Annie Lennox will sing in honour of Dame Anita Roddick at an intimate concert in London next week.

14 Oct 2010 16:30

Hurts and Leona Lewis both want to collaborate, with the band's singer Theo Hutchcraft saying her 'Bleeding Love' single is one of the best pop songs of the last 15 years.

14 Oct 2010 16:30

Everything Everything will perform with the Royal Northern College of Music at two forthcoming events.

14 Oct 2010 15:25

Moog announce the all-new portable SlimPhatty rack synthesizer.

14 Oct 2010 13:25

Kids could be tempted to learn a new musical instrument once the Sound Festival gets underway in Aberdeen next week.

14 Oct 2010 13:22

Coldplay and Taio Cruz were honoured with songwriting awards by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) last night (13.10.10).

14 Oct 2010 12:30

Beginners and experts will all enjoy playing a Jackson electric guitar, it has been stated.

14 Oct 2010 10:50

Keith Richards claims he survived years of heroin abuse because he never got too greedy and always consumed ''high quality'' drugs.

14 Oct 2010 09:45

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich earned $35,000 for charity by auctioning an hour-long drumming lesson.

14 Oct 2010 09:45

Coldplay are looking after their studio engineer and making him eat breakfast with them, as he doesn't allow himself time to take a break during the day.

14 Oct 2010 06:45

Mary J. Blige has revealed her own battles with depression inspired her to write hit single 'I Can See in Color' for 2009 movie 'Precious'.

14 Oct 2010 06:45

The new Epiphone acoustic guitar benefited from plenty of input from Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction.

13 Oct 2010 19:59

Ozzy Osbourne will be accompanied by electric guitar hero Slash on a forthcoming leg of his world tour.

13 Oct 2010 18:56

Noel Gallagher has stated that he would like to play guitar in a double-act with Manchester City footballer Carlos Tevez, as he admires the Argentine's attitude.

13 Oct 2010 18:00

Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj proved to be the big winners at BET Hip Hop Awards with three awards each.

13 Oct 2010 16:30

Members of Guns N' Roses wowed a group of schoolchildren with a special surprise show in Oxfordshire, Middle England yesterday (12.10.10).

13 Oct 2010 16:30

Yamaha representatives will be appearing at the MI Retail Conference & Expo 2011.

13 Oct 2010 16:12

Eminem and country group Lady Antebellum lead the American Music Awards, with nominations in five categories each.

13 Oct 2010 12:30

Canada's JW Jones has provided some tips for guitarists looking to find the best possible tone with a Gibson Les Paul.

13 Oct 2010 11:46

Robbie Williams insisted he has not rejoined Take That to make money, pointing out his presence in the band means the rest of the group will now be worse off.

13 Oct 2010 09:45

Akon's new album, 'Stadium', is influenced by the many styles of music he has been exposed to touring across the world.

13 Oct 2010 09:45

Bryan Ferry used three bass players - Mani, from Primal Scream, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and jazz ace Marcus Miller - on a track for his new album.

13 Oct 2010 06:45

Goldie will defend his Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash champion title in London on Thursday (14.10.10).

13 Oct 2010 06:45

John Legend wants to record less ''polished'' tracks with more of a live studio feel for his next album.

13 Oct 2010 06:45

Boy George has confirmed there will definitely be a Culture Club reunion, and is planning to perform with the group in 2012.

12 Oct 2010 16:30

N-Dubz want to ''make a beat'' for Cheryl Cole after having met the 'Fight For This Love' singer on a couple of occasions.

12 Oct 2010 16:30

An electric guitar manufacturer has noted that occasional errors can sometimes enhance a record.

12 Oct 2010 11:24

Taylor Swift felt it was personally ''important'' for her to write a song about Kanye West's storming of the stage and stealing the microphone from her during an acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

12 Oct 2010 09:45

Former Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher admits he hasn't played his guitar ''in months'' and is enjoying being ''bored''.

12 Oct 2010 09:45

Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill had a ''Kurt Cobain'' moment after the release of 'Only By the Night', where he hated the fame the band had finally found.

12 Oct 2010 06:45

John Legend purposefully avoided doing popular ''karaoke'' covers of huge soul hits on his 'Wake Up!' album.

12 Oct 2010 06:45

Julian Lennon is ''pretty tight'' with his father John Lennon's former bandmate, Sir Paul McCartney.

11 Oct 2010 16:30

Eminem was told he'd never succeed as a rapper because he was white, which he says only spurred him on to succeed more.

11 Oct 2010 16:30

Guitar legend Nils Lofgren has expressed his excitement at playing a series of acoustic shows in the UK.

11 Oct 2010 14:27

Katy Perry has announced the first dates of her 'California Dream' world tour, her largest to date.

11 Oct 2010 12:30

People who play the electric guitar can never stop learning, Joe Bonamassa has stated.

11 Oct 2010 12:03

Shakira and Plan B have been confirmed to perform at this year's MTV European Music Awards (EMAs).

11 Oct 2010 09:45

Soul singer Solomon Burke passed away from natural causes aged 70 on a flight from Los Angeles to Holland yesterday (10.10.10).

11 Oct 2010 09:45

Leading amp and effect manufacturer, TC Electronic, announces the brand new BH500 Head and BC Cabinets.

11 Oct 2010 08:33

'Party Girl' singers McFly have changed their musical direction many times in their career, and reckon they could end up like ''Kiss or Slipknot'' in ten years time.

11 Oct 2010 06:45

Charlotte Church can't sing when she's drunk, but it doesn't stop her from attempting karaoke.

11 Oct 2010 06:45

An acoustic guitar player has won a talent show in Surrey.

10 Oct 2010 09:00

Barry Manilow has donated $500,000 of musical instruments to 15 schools in the US.

9 Oct 2010 09:00

The Yamaha DGX640 digital keyboard has been praised for its versatility and good looks.

8 Oct 2010 17:10

Lil Wayne faces a fresh legal battle after his expected release from prison on November 4 as he is to be handed a court summons for copyright infringement.

8 Oct 2010 16:30

The Ting Tings were turned off experimental music after they saw a guy playing a cardboard instrument when preparing to record their second album in Berlin.

8 Oct 2010 16:30

Kings Of Leon think they may one day regret the improvised lyrics of their new album, 'Come Around Sundown'.

8 Oct 2010 16:30

Electric guitar band Suede are to play an intimate gig in London later this month.

8 Oct 2010 15:10

Hey Jude B-side Revolution contains some of John Lennon's finest guitar playing, it has been suggested.

8 Oct 2010 11:04

M.I.A, La Roux and Alicia Keys, among others, are all believed to be included on Kanye West's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'.

8 Oct 2010 09:45

'Written In The Stars' rapper Tinie Tempah loves it when girls throw their knickers at him on stage.

8 Oct 2010 09:45

Underworld singer Karl Hyde wrote 'Born Slippy' as a cry for help from alcoholism.

8 Oct 2010 06:45

Jason Mraz is calling for a ''make-over'' of touring as he thinks it would be ''sexier'' for bands to take solar generators on the road and run trucks on algae fuel.

8 Oct 2010 06:45

Schoolchildren in London are being given the chance to perform their own music at the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena.

7 Oct 2010 19:26

Gorillaz are bringing out a new single named after the Korg Doncamatic.

7 Oct 2010 18:24

Rihanna wants to record a duet with Katy Perry, as they have ''similar personalities and a similar sense of humour''.

7 Oct 2010 16:30

Cee Lo Green thinks he is the only person who could make the song 'F**k You' a success.

7 Oct 2010 16:30

A bonus concert recording is to feature on a 40th anniversary edition of The Who's Live at Leeds.

7 Oct 2010 16:21

A Fender Telecaster is being given away by Soundgarden.

7 Oct 2010 14:58

Billboard has handed a prize to Gibson Guitar's iPhone app.

7 Oct 2010 10:40

Lil Wayne has asked fans to stop sending him mail in prison, because he will not be able to write back from solitary confinement.

7 Oct 2010 09:45

Rihanna has problems sleeping because she can't stop herself from thinking about her work and planning ahead.

7 Oct 2010 09:45

P Diddy admitted singing on his new album, 'Last Train To Paris', was ''nerve wracking''.

7 Oct 2010 06:45

My Chemical Romance scrapped their initial album recordings after realising they were being too restrictive with their sound.

7 Oct 2010 06:45

Teenage girls in the Norwich area have the opportunity to learn a new musical instrument at a female-only rock school.

6 Oct 2010 19:21

Keyboard player Ben Lovett has said Mumford and Sons are looking to record something significantly different to Sigh No More when they make their next album.

6 Oct 2010 17:18

Gorillaz will release a new track, not included on their recently released 'Plastic Beach' album, called 'Doncamatic (All Played Out)', next month.

6 Oct 2010 16:30

Weezer have responded to an online campaign encouraging them to split up, saying they will if they are paid $20 million.

6 Oct 2010 16:30

Gibson has nominated Crazy Train as the song which contains the best electric guitar solo ever recorded by Randy Rhoads.

6 Oct 2010 15:17

Line 6 is offering the chance for its Facebook fans to win one of its guitar pedals.

6 Oct 2010 11:39

TC Electronic drop prices on the Nova System, VoiceTone Correct and VoiceTone Double.

6 Oct 2010 10:15

Lily Allen, Jay Sean and Sting all picked up accolades for their songwriting at the BMI Awards last night (05.10.10).

6 Oct 2010 09:45

Ozzy Osbourne has released a version of John Lennon's 'Imagine' to benefit charity Amnesty International.

6 Oct 2010 06:45

Goldie credits his entire career with being an underdog and always sticking to his underground musical roots.

6 Oct 2010 06:45

Players of electric guitars have the opportunity to learn from one of the best musicians around in a new DVD.

5 Oct 2010 20:00

Yamaha artist Andy Fisenden is working with Taio Cruz.

5 Oct 2010 18:07

Kanye West has released the title of his fifth album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', and confirmed some information about its track listing.

5 Oct 2010 16:30

Jonny Greenwood's Radiohead bandmates are ''a bit interested'' in his other career as a composer, but don't come to his classical music concerts.

5 Oct 2010 16:30

The next London Drum Show is to take place in October 2011.

5 Oct 2010 16:06

U2 could be playing at Glastonbury 2011 after their manager left hints on the band's official website.

5 Oct 2010 12:50

Orange's Thunder TH30 Head receives an outstanding review from Playmusic Pickup.

5 Oct 2010 12:17

Plug in Baby is the 21st century song with the finest guitar riff, a music magazine has said.

5 Oct 2010 10:50

Casio's popular Celviano AP-220 Digital Piano is now available at just £569.00.

5 Oct 2010 10:46

'Fight For this Love' hitmaker Cheryl Cole begged Dizzee Rascal to duet with her on her new album, resulting in new track 'Everybody, Everyone'.

5 Oct 2010 10:00

Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, Mr Hudson and The Kooks paid tribute to British musician Charles Haddon of the band Ou Est Le Swimming Pool last night (04.10.10).

5 Oct 2010 10:00

U2 have hinted to fans they will headline Glastonbury festival in June 2011, a year after they pulled out of the event due to Bono's back injury.

5 Oct 2010 07:00

MGMT may return to making ''super-satirical pop music'', and split their live show into two different sections.

5 Oct 2010 07:00

A talented young guitarist has spoken about his ambitions for the future.

4 Oct 2010 20:27

Cat Power is planning to play each of the musical instruments that appear on her next album.

4 Oct 2010 18:25

McFly thought about featuring a rap on their new album, after producer Dallas Austin wrote a rap verse into one of their songs.

4 Oct 2010 16:30

The Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes has written about his onstage collapse, diagnosed as the result of a brain tumour.

4 Oct 2010 16:30

A child who has been learning the violin has spoken about what a fantastic experience it has been.

4 Oct 2010 16:24

Specially-decorated Fender Stratocaster guitars are being put up for auction.

4 Oct 2010 15:01

A wide range of synthesizers from Korg are being showcased at BPM 2010.

4 Oct 2010 10:52

British rapper Tinie Tempah had to give up the ''perfect'' girl to concentrate on his music career.

4 Oct 2010 10:00

Lady Gaga appeared onstage with Yoko Ono to pay tribute to John Lennon at a concert in honour of the Beatles singer's 70th birthday this weekend.

4 Oct 2010 10:00

R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck refuses to do more than three takes when recording songs, to avoid dragging out the recording process.

4 Oct 2010 07:00

Damon Albarn worried Gorillaz new, nautical themed, image would look too ''gay''.

4 Oct 2010 07:00

Everything Everything drummer has spoken about how the rising stars create new material.

3 Oct 2010 09:00

Devo are to be handed a "very special" synthesizer at this year's MoogFest.

2 Oct 2010 09:00

Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven has finished second to Everybody Hurts by REM as the biggest tearjerker for men.

1 Oct 2010 16:37

Kylie Minogue wants to record a duet with The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers.

1 Oct 2010 16:30

Ne-Yo is afraid to record songs he wrote for sadly passed singer Michael Jackson because he doesn't want people to think he's cashing in.

1 Oct 2010 16:30

Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen is planning to continue his long-running music career.

1 Oct 2010 13:50

Line 6 DT50 guitar amps have been partly designed by the legendary Reinhold Bogner, who is known for his work with Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai.

1 Oct 2010 11:52

Founding member of Megadeth, David Ellefson, returns to Hartke's family of artists.

1 Oct 2010 11:22

P. Diddy thinks it is about time British musicians started taking some pride in their country.

1 Oct 2010 10:00

JLS, Muse and Cheryl Cole won big at the BT Digital Music awards last night (30.09.10), taking home two trophies each.

1 Oct 2010 10:00

Heavy metal bands Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax say they still party as hard as when they last toured together 19 years ago.

1 Oct 2010 07:00

Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell isn't getting ''too serious about things'' with the band's new album, which he is planning to make upbeat and return to the group's rock roots.

1 Oct 2010 07:00