Yanagisawa S901 Soprano Saxophone, Gold Lacquered

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  • Includes Leatherette Covered Woodshell Case + Ebonite Mouthpiece
  • Considered to be the Reference Point for a Professional Instrument
  • Suitable for Advancing Students & Seasoned Professionals
  • Includes a One-Piece Neck Type
  • Features a Stunning Brass Lacquered Body

Yanagisawa S901 Soprano Saxophone, Gold Lacquered


This Yanagisawa S901 Soprano Saxophone offers an instrument that compares and surpasses many other top level saxophones for sale. In its gold lacquered finish, this base model Yanagisawa saxophone has gained much popularity with students and professionals alike for its strong tonal core. A fully adjustable front F key, improved linkages on table keys and strengthened mechanisms provide a strong and durable instrument that is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

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Professional Mechanisms

The Yanagisawa S901 offers many features that make it a saxophone that produces sublime results. The adjustable front F key allows for more scope and flexibility in the altissimo ranges. The left hand table linkage on the Yanagisawa saxophones offers an uncompromised comfort, with a slider mechanism between the C# and B key and a seesaw linkage between the C# and Bb key. This allows for faster and smoother technique.

Tough and Heavy Duty Construction

The Yanagisawa S901 includes an integrated post-rib construction, which mainly offers a great deal more strength to the instrument should the instrument ever be accidentally dropped or knocked. A benefit from this is also the added mid-range resonance which gives better acoustic depth and projection. As well as this, a palm key reinforcement plate is included in to the design of the instrument, which also strengthens the instrument dramatically. Between the body and the bell of the instrument is a tri point brace which not only strengthens the instrument but also gives more power to fortissimo ranges.

Professional Pads and Superior Springs

On this instrument, some of the best materials are used to make sure that the action is just right. Blue Steel springs have been used on the pads to ensure a fast action but with a comfortable amount of strength. This allows for faster passages to be played with ease. As well as this, the airtight waterproof pads are used to ensure that it will be completely leak free and long lasting.

Finishing Touches

On this S901, the brass body instrument has been gold lacquered, which gives a warm tone with a centred projection. This makes it suitable for solo and jazz work. It also looks great in time as the instrument itself tarnishes unlike a lacquered equivalent. The engraving adds the finishing touch to a fantastic looking instrument. As well as this, genuine mother of pearl keys and buttons have been added to the mechanisms to create an attractive and great feeling instrument.

Everything You Need

Last of all, the instrument also comes with a leather bound hard case, which allows your instrument to be transported to rehearsals and concerts safely and securely. Also included in this saxophone package is the crook, mouthpiece, ligature and reed, allowing you to get playing as soon as you receive the instrument.


  • Key: Bb
  • Range: Low Bb to High F#
  • Body: Brass
  • Bow: Brass
  • Keys: Brass
  • Finish: Lacquered
  • Neck: Brass
  • Neck Type: One-Piece
  • Included Accessories: Leatherette Covered Woodshell Case + Yanagisawa Branded Ebonite Mouthpiece and Ligature