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Cubase 9.5 For Educational Use

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Cubase 10 For Educational Use

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Cubase – The complete classroom solution

Create Scores and Lead Sheets in Minutes

Advanced notation functionality combined with VST Expression and HALion Sonic SE result in scores looking better and sounding like the real thing. It’s simple to enter music into the score window – students can use a keyboard, guitar, violin, iPad or even sing the melody and open it up directly on the score window.

Compose With Ease

The global chord track function in Cubase is a composition revelation. Students can access the powerful Chord Assistant to generate everything from simple pop to complex jazz to classical genius. The Chord Assistant takes up the teaching role and provides chord suggestions based on a number of technically correct possibilities. It even has a complexity slider so you choose your genre, how far from home you want to go and whether to return. You can change the chords of an entire project with the click of the button and even harmonize recorded vocals and print them out in the score window with lyrics underneath. The chord track makes the technical side of composition practical and fun – it’s a classroom necessity.

Cutting Edge Sounds and Production Tools

The sounds that come in the box are an instant hit, with over 3,000 different orchestral, world music, pop, rock and jazz instrument sounds, 69 different professional FX processors, and thousands of instrument and audio presets – all developed by leading industry professionals, including Allan Morgan who has worked with artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Taylor Swift.

The Latest Music Technology at Your Fingertips

Composing, notating, recording, mixing and mastering has never been more accessible. Cubase offers complete flexibility over the entire project. You can drag and drop from window to window, transpose audio and MIDI, speed up and slow down a track, draw in instrument expression and articulations, sing your melody straight into the score, even collaborate and record students and artists across the other side of the globe in real time with VST Connect SE.

Steinberg believes that music education should be accessible to everyone so they have made it possible to load the same Cubase project into Cubase, Cubase Artist and Cubase (features will be disabled on Artist and Elements versions but the project will still play). This functionality allows students to continue work outside the classroom on Cubase AI or Elements.

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