Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity

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  • Incredibly Realistic Electric Guitar Virtual Instrument
  • Advanced Dynamic & Articulation Engines
  • Includes 8 Iconic Guitar Tones
  • Built-in Amp Models & Effects
  • Impressive Humanization

Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity

The Vir2 Instruments Electri6ity is a powerful and versatile electric guitar plug-in for both Mac and Pc computers that allows you to create incredibly realistic electric guitar tracks with authentic articulations and dynamics such as hammer-on/pull-off, slides, fret noise, up/down picking and harmonic’s at the touch of your fingertips. Packed with a range of sensational features such as chord detection and root note detection Electri6ity also includes a range of amp simulators and effects to provide both professionally played and fantastic sounding electric guitar tracks in one affordable bundle.

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Full Description

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The advanced A.M.T (Articulation Morphing Technology) & V.M.T (Velocity Morphing Technology) engines allows you to seamlessly morph from soft to loud notes, from dead muted to sustain, and even from sustain to fifth or octave pinch harmonics. The morphing is phase-aligned without any phasing issues whilst to provide advanced string and fretboard positioning the AI chooses the best fitting strings and fretboard position for you taking speed, timing, notes and polyphony into account.

All the hi-fidelity samples contained within the Vir2 Electri6ity plug-in are recorded dry by taking a direct output from the guitar and capturing the raw tone. This allows maximum versatility when mixing as you can use the provided amps and effects within Vir2 to adjust the tone to exactly how you want it. With a large range of amp tones such as British, Classic, Clean, Jazz, Metal, Modern and rock the Vir2 delivers a variety of authentic and professional tones but however if that?s not enough you can also use your own additional plug-ins to amplify your tone.


"...if you want a range of well-sampled guitars, powered by an engine that will let you use them to create 'photo real' performances, Electri6ity will step up and deliver, regardless of the musical style you prefer to play. A truly stunning library."

Future Music Magazine

"...this is the best electric guitar library we've come across to date. Select a DI instrument, play a few notes or chords and you might be convinced that a real guitar has been plugged into your mixing board."

Music Tech Magazine


  • Features 8 iconic guitar tones
  • Multiple pickup, playing style and articulation options
  • Advanced engines to deliver extremely realistic sound
  • Hammer-on and pull-off capabilities
  • Advanced A.I provides carefully calculated dynamics
  • Powerful chord detection engine
  • Built-in multi effects unit with stomp boxes and amplifiers



  • Sampled Guitars: 8 High Quality Electric Guitars
  • Pickup Positions: Bridge, Neck, Blend
  • Picking: Down Stroke, Up Stroke
  • Playing Types: Picked, Strummed
  • Playing Modes: Polyphonic, Monophonic, Legato (Sustain/Muted), Slide


  • Sustain Neck <> Bridge
  • Sustain <> 5th / Octave Pinch Harmonics
  • Dead Notes <> Muted <> Half-Muted
  • Ghost Notes Clean
  • Ghost Notes Dirty
  • Chucka-Chuckas
  • Harmonics
  • Hammer On (played after sustain note) / Hammer On (tapped)
  • Pull Off (played after sustain note) / Pull Off (tapped)
  • One and two frets Slides Up / Down
  • Slides (from and to every available fret)
  • FX Samples (Screams, Scratches, Whammy-FX, etc.)

Release Types

  • Finger Noise
  • Finger Noise Short
  • Mixed I
  • Mixed II
  • Hand Mute (fret can be selected)
  • Palm Mute Slide Down Short
  • Slide Down Medium
  • Slide Down Long
  • Slide Down (1 fret, short)
  • Slide Up (1 fret, short) Slide Noise Down
  • Slide Noise Up
  • Pick Noise

Integrated Engines

  • Guitar Noise: Adds pick, finger and slide noises according to your playing
  • Legato: Fluid legato lines in real time
  • Vibrato: Authentic vibrato in real time
  • Humanization: Nothing is random, everything is artificial intelligence
  • Chord Detection: Chords are detected and transferred into guitar chords in real time
  • Root Key Detection: Inversions and chords with additional root keys are detected
  • Easy Double-Tracking: Simple double tracking without increasing the memory footprint

System Requirements


  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or higher (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz (Pentium or Athlon XP)
  • RAM: 4GB RAM
  • Free Space: 27GB


  • Operating System: OS 10.5.x or newer
  • Processor: 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo or better
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free Space: 27GB