Toontrack EZdrummer Line Collection

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  • Includes EZ Drummer Software and 11 EZX Expansions
  • Ultimate Virtual Drum Experience
  • Ranges from Entry Level Usability to Pro Handling
  • Features 2000+ MIDI Files

Toontrack EZdrummer Line Collection

The EZ Drummer Line Collection by Toontrack comes with everything you need to get started and make your own quality drum tracks. This collection features EZ Drummer software as well as 11 expansion packs to provide the ultimate virtual drumming experience straight out of the box.

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The Classic

Toontracks 'The Classic' EZDrummer Expansion is a contemporary sounding drum library that features all the good points of modern recording technology with the classic sound of the rare Helios recording console, this console helped produce albums by bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who.

The Classic expansion was recorded by Peter Henderson at the Shorefire Recording Studio in New Jersey and features drummer Chris Whitten. The Expansion Pack comes with 3 complete drum kits as well as a choice of handpicked and perfectly tuned alternative instruments.

The Classic covers a variety of genres and will be perfect wether you are recording a contempary pop hit or a slamming 1970s rock song.


Toontrack EZX Metalheads has had input from Tomas Haake, a well-known drummer and member of the extreme metal band Meshuggah and an in demand producer, Daniel Bergstrand, who has mixed and produced with the likes of In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork and Meshuggah, just to name a few.


The Toontrack EZX Electronic features classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds: Over the past decade, the team at Toontrack Music has produced and made available industry leading drum and percussion instruments heard in countless hit movies, TV-shows, video games, live performances and platinum albums. We've recorded numerous libraries with hundreds of the finest drums and cymbals totaling 200+ gigs of user content derived from 1,000,000 plus sound files. until now, it's been 100 acoustic.


This Jazz EZX features samples performed by the legendary Drum Virtuoso/Pioneer Roy "Futureman" Wooten. In the fall of 07', Toontrack began the Jazz with Futureman at the impeccable Blackbird Studios. His passion and knowledge of Jazz history met with a relentlessly energetic and musical approach to single note striking that left the Toontrack crew in utter disbelief.


The Funkmasters EZX for EZdrummer is a unique and exclusive recording of two of the most important drummers in popular music. Clyde Stubblefield and John 'Jab'o' Starks.

Twisted Kit

The Twisted Kit EZX offers users the chance to explore the unconventional with it's unique replacement percussion engine. This Twisted EZX was developed in collaboration with Michael Blair and Sontronics Microphones.


The Nashville EZX takes the traditional country heart of Nashville as a starting point but branches out to become something bigger. A library of percussive sounds, including more then 10.000 samples, that will appeal to musicians, writers and producers in every musical genre in need of EZ access to great drums.


The Claustrophobic EZX marks a new step for Toontrack in driving the development of percussive samples. The audio team at Toontrack has utilized drumhead selection, room and microphone configurations to fuse the qualities of a high end drum recording and the cutting edge of the radical beats of today s top RnB, Hip Hop and Pop producers.

Drumkit From Hell

Drumkit From Hell aka DFH was originally created to address Toontrack Music s own needs for better and heavier drums in musicproduction. As a result the Toontrack productionteam decided to record a drumlibrary with the best musicians and producers available in Swedish heavy metal.

Latin Percussion

The Latin Percussion EZX for EZdrummer contains the percussion sounds from the revolutionary, award winning pro drum sampler, dfh Superior from Toontrack Music. The EZX includes MIDI files that will add that extra groove on top of your steady drumtrack.

Vintage Rock

The Vintage Rock Brushes and Sticks EZX contains recordings of the legendary Ludwig Keystone Drum Set, giving you access to the classic sounds of the 60's.

Features & Specifications

  • Includes 11 EZX Expansions:
    • The Classic
    • Metalheads
    • Electronic
    • Jazz
    • Funkmasters
    • Twisted Kit
    • Nashville
    • Claustrophobic
    • Drumkit From Hell
    • Latin Percussion
    • Vintage Rock
  • Ranges from entry level usability to pro handling.
  • Multiple microphone control.
  • TPC G2 reduces system requirements to a minimum.
  • Operates in General MIDI.
  • Internal mixer allows stereo and multi-track routing into the host through one single plug-in.
  • Preset mix modes for quick sound changes.
  • Interface visualizes the drums loaded and combines auditioning and kit construction.
  • Drums recorded at Avatar Studios, New York by world-class drummers and producers.
  • Instant access to a large library of drum patterns with pre-listening, quick browsing and drag'n'drop functionality.
  • The humanizer function combines drum hit randomizing and non-cycling.
  • Velocity sweep allows instant seamless velocity changes from 1-127.
  • Possibilities for the user to add their own MIDIfiles to the library.
  • Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU, and RTAS formats