Rocksmith (PS3) + MARVEL Hulk 3/4 Guitar

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  • Ubisoft Rocksmith for Playstation 3
  • INCLUDES Peavey Marvel Hulk 3/4 Size Guitar
  • Rocksmith Adapts to Your Ability & Develops Your Skills
  • Learn & Play An Expanding Library of Popular Songs
  • Includes Strap, Picks & Specially-Developed Ubisoft Cable

Rocksmith (PS3) + MARVEL Hulk 3/4 Guitar


Now anyone can learn to play the electric guitar with Ubisoft's Rocksmith for Playstation 3™. For the first time no clunky plastic peripherals, just you, your console and your guitar! Nothing compares to playing a real guitar. Except playing Rocksmith with the Peavey Marvel Hulk 3/4 Size Guitar.

Please Note: This Game carries a PEGI rating of 16. PS3 required to play Rocksmith.

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Full Description

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Rocksmith developers, Ubisoft, present the first and only game where the controller is a real electric guitar. Nothing plastic, nothing childlike, just the most authentic guitar experience in music gaming. Gear4music presents budding guitarists with a great value guitar package with the Rocksmith authentic guitar game.

By plugging the Peavey Hulk Guitar into your PS3™ console, you'll develop real skills in real styles while playing real music. Featuring gameplay that will automatically adjust to your personal skill level and a unique and innovative game design that will make playing great guitar music visually intuitive, Rocksmith will even engage experienced musicians as well as those who have never picked up a guitar before in their life.

Rocksmith also offers you the chance to download new songs from The Playstation Store. With an ever expanding library of songs Rocksmith truly is the future of guitar games.

With Rocksmith on Playstation 3™ you'll unlock various fun mini-games that will hone specific guitar playing skills. You'll also be able to choose from a large number of songs (See Below) in different styles. Experience it all with this Peavey Marvel 3/4 Guitar.

Get plugged in

Rocksmith includes a unique quarter-inch to USB cable that is the first of its kind and allows users to plug in the Peavey Hulk Guitar with a quarter-inch jack directly into your PS3™. Developed exclusively for Rocksmith, this 11.25 cable turns the guitar's signal from analog to digital, allowing it to be recognised and played through your games console for the first time.

Masses of effects pedals, amps, and cabs

Turn your Playstation 3™ into an electric guitar amplifier and play with a huge number of in-game effects pedals, amplifiers and cabinets. You can string pedals together with a nearly infinite number of combinations and you'll be able to tweak your sound until you're satisfied. Whether it's a crunchy distortion, a vintage tremolo, or a psychedelic reverb Rocksmith has it covered to make sure you can achieve the sound you're looking for.

Play songs instead of just learning them

Do you want to play new songs but don't want the laborious task of going through tablature or cringing through poorly produced videos? No problem, Rocksmith will not only present you with new songs, but will also challenge you to step away from the notes on screen and play songs by memory.

Click on the Link below to view a full song list.

Guitar Details

The student-size (3/4) Peavey Rockmaster guitar is a great beginner electric guitar featuring an officially licensed Marvel Super Heroes Hulk high gloss finish on a basswood body, providing excellent balance and tone.

The maple neck and rosewood fretboard enable fast rhythm and lead playing, while the sealed tuner gears and adjustable bridge keep your guitar in tune longer. Comes with cable, strap and picks.



  • Body: Basswood
  • Finish: Marvel Hulk High Gloss


  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • No.of Frets: 21
  • Scale Length: 22.5"

Pickups & Hardware:

  • Pickup: 1 Humbucking
  • Control: 1 Volume & 1 Tone
  • Tuners: Diecast Chrome
  • Hardware: Chrome