Roland M-5000C OHRCA 128 Channel Compact Mixing Console

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  • 128-Channel High-End Mixing Console
  • 24-Bit/96kHz Sample Rate & 72-Bit Linear Summing Circuitry
  • Integrated 16 x 16 USB Audio Interface
  • 20 Channel Faders In 3 Banks
  • 8 Multi-Effects Processors

Roland M-5000C OHRCA 128 Channel Compact Mixing Console

The Roland M-5000C OHRCA 128 Channel Compact Mixing Console is one of the most high-end, comprehensive mixing consoles available on the market. The Roland M-5000C OHRCA features 128 freely definable audio paths as well as a wide range of multi-format I/O. The OHRCA includes a highly flexible user interface, boasting 24-bit/96kHz sample rates for exceptional audio fidelity. The M-500C OHRCA is one of the most flexible live mixing solutions to date, adaptable to numerous audio networks including Dante, MADI, Waves SoundGrid and more (optional extras not included). The M-5000C provides up to 300 inputs and 296 outputs in total, managed in separate patchbays for optimal versatility.

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High-End Live Mixing Solution

The Roland M-5000C OHRCA is a 128-channel live mixing console, incorporating the latest technology, innovations with a versatile design to deliver this high-end mixer console. The Roland M-5000C OHRCA is at the forefront of mixing applications, providing 128 freely definable audio paths, with a wide range of analog and digital connectivity. It features everything you could require from a mixing console including expandable I/O, integrated Phantom Power, assignable controls; all based around a bright and responsive touch screen.

Exceptional Audio Fidelity

At the heart of the Roland M-5000C OHRCA is the carefully selected circuit architecture, which delivers the high sampling rate of 96kHz. The 24-bit/96kHz audio quality is thanks to the discrete circuitry that was specially designed for the M-5000C OHRCA. It combined careful component selection and architecture, separating analog and digital sound modules to deliver 72-bit linear summing circuitry. The integrated 16 x 16 USB audio interface provides everything you need for recording and playback, allowing you to capture live performances in immense detail.

Streamlined Workflow

The ergonomic layout and streamlined configuration, makes mixing easier than ever, basing its design on the principle of ‘freedom’. The design accommodates your own individual workflow, all centred around the 12-inch touch screen. The vivid and clear display provides all the information you need in high-definition. Each of the 16 encoders include rings that change colour depending how they are assigned, and matched with the on-screen parameters. Working in conjunction together the parameters and encoders allow you to make quick and intuitive changes, easier than ever before. The M-5000C features 20 faders in 3 banks, with each bank section boasting an ‘Isolate’ function that allows you to scroll and switch layers independently.

Versatile Analog & Digital Connectivity

With its exceptional audio fidelity, the Roland M-5000C OHRCA provides a wide range of digital and analog connections. There are 16 balanced XLR inputs with built-in Phantom Power on each channel for capturing studio-grade recordings. Also included are AES/EBU I/O, Headphone outputs, MIDI I/O, USB, Word Clock, Lan part and even a DB-25 P I/O port. The extensive range of connectivity ensures you are ready for any situation. It even features a talkback mic that allows for up to 4 locations for added flexibility. The mixing console can also be expanded with audio network expansion cards to provide connectivity for Dante, MADI, Waves SoundGrid, REAC and XI-SDI.

Multi-Effects Processors & DSP

The M-5000C also provides you with a wide range of EQs, delays, dynamics processors and more. There are 8 streo multi-effects in total including Reverb, Delay, Multi-Band Compressor and Dynamic EQ. These effect processors are based on renowned Roland effect processors including SRV-2000, SDE-3000, SDD-320, RE-201, CE-1, SPH-323 and SBF-325. In total, the mixing console provides 32 freely-assignable 31-band graphics EQs for maximum flexibility, allowing you to easily manage larger projects. Also includes is 24 DCAs with DCA spill. These are perfect for controlling larger numbers of input channels, such as string sections or drum tracks. Each channel also boasts dedicated DSP for a 4-band EQ, dynamic processor and delay.

Design & Construction

The compact yet roadworthy construction, makes it ideal for a go-to live mixing console solution. Its expandable interface can be viewed on a computer screen or via your iPad using the Remote Control software. The main output of the mixing console supports 5.1 surround sound, LCR and LR with built-in surround panning and stereo downmix for ultimate flexibility. The mixer can be used as a master or slave to other Roland REAC consoles and the REAC connections allow you to add stage boxes, monitoring system, recording devices and more. With its highly robust construction and immense attention to detail, the Roland M-5000C is one of the most sought-after mixing consoles on the market.


  • Digital mixing console for live sound, recording, and broadcast
  • Supports up to 300 inputs and 288 outputs at 96kHz, up to 448 at 48kHz
  • Each input and output has dedicated DSP for a 4-band EQ, 2 dynamics processors, and delay
  • Total of 32 freely-assignable 31-band graphic EQs
  • 8 multi-effects processors based on classic Roland and BOSS effects
  • 20 channel faders in 3 banks
  • Mix-Minus function makes it easy to create mix-minus bus sends for recording and broadcast
  • 24 DCAs with DCA spill
  • 8 mute groups
  • Exceptional sound quality thanks to 72-bit linear summing circuit
  • Built-in 16 x 16 USB audio interface for recording and playback
  • Dual expansion ports to add MADI, Dante, SoundGrid, or more REAC connectivity, sold separately
  • Use the REAC connections to add Roland stage boxes, personal monitoring systems, and recording devices
  • Can serve as a master or slave to other Roland REAC consoles like the M-480, M-300, and others
  • 3 separate talkback locations make it easy to communicate throughout larger systems
  • Add additional control surfaces via RS-232C, MIDI, GP I/O, and LAN
  • Control your mix remotely via laptop or iPad
  • Main output supports 5.1 surround, LCR, and LR, with built-in surround panning and stereo downmix

For more information (including specifications) on the Roland M-5000C OHRCA please refer to the PDFs above.