Pioneer XDJ Aero Wireless DJ System, Black - Ex Demo

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  • Pioneer XDJ AERO Wireless DJ System for rekordbox
  • World's First Wireless DJ System
  • All-In-One Mixer, Player & MIDI Controller
  • Sleek, Black Finish

Pioneer XDJ Aero Wireless DJ System, Black - Ex Demo


This groundbreaking Pioneer XDJ-AERO DJ system is set to change the way DJs play by liberating them from endless cables and connections. An industry first, the XDJ-AERO allows DJs to load music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

This item is an ex showroom display model. There are light scuffs and signs of use around the casing. The original boxing and manual are not included.
Otherwise, the unit operates as new.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

Software bundled with the original new product may have been registered or may no longer be included.

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Wireless Connectivity

By creating its own ad-hoc networks the XDJ-AERO can sync with up to four Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. This enables you to use smartphones, tablets and computers to wirelessly load rekordbox music to your decks - an industry first! The XDJ-AERO can even be used to control wireless devices remotely, browse tracks and add them to your decks even if the device is not in your hands.

The new mobile app means you can use smartphones and tablets as remote controls for the XDJ-AERO. Alternatively, select the USB source and browse your music or load tracks using the XDJ-AERO's touch sensitive screen. Plus by switching the controller's music source from wireless to USB you can play tracks on both decks from one single rekordbox enabled storage device.

The audience can even send music from their wireless devices to the XDJ-AERO, though tracks will not load until the DJ accepts them! If a device goes out of range while a track is being played an emergency loop is created so there is no break in the music. And if a call is made on a smartphone mid-track, the music will continue to play as long as the device supports multitasking.

Flexible & Portable

Highly versatile, the XDJ-AERO is the world's first wireless all-in-one DJ player, mixer and MIDI controller and at just 45 mm thick, the portable, lightweight XDJ-AERO is the world's thinnest combined player and mixer.

The XDJ-AERO also functions as a 24-bit audio interface, MIDI controller for Traktor and HID controller for Virtual DJ software and as a stand-alone mixer when connected to CDJs and turntables. The XDJ-AERO allows you to record your music directly to USB as uncompressed CD-quality WAV files.

Style and Professionalism

With its classic black finish, sleek aluminium faceplate, blue LED lights and Pioneer's industry-standard interface, the XDJ-AERO looks professional in any venue. The Controller's audio circuits are the same as those used in Pioneer's pro-DJ equipment to guarantee pristine sound reproduction in any environment. Full digital processing has been used to minimise distortion and noise from A/D-D/A conversion.


Popular Pioneer Pro Features

  • Beat effects: the XDJ-AERO boasts the most user-friendly and popular effects from Pioneer's DJM range - Trans, Flanger, Roll and Echo.
  • Post-fader: the effects are applied to the sound after the fader, allowing the sound to fade out naturally rather than stopping suddenly when you cut the source audio with the faders.
  • Sound color effects: borrowed from the DJM series, the Sound Color Filters add high- and low-pass filters to the beat effects for even more creativity.
  • Sample banks: pre-loaded with four samples.
  • Auto Loop: tracks can be automatically looped at specified positions.
  • Quantize: never miss a beat again as the quantize function automatically synchronises the beat of rekordbox-ready tracks and effects.

Automatic Features Making Perfect Mixes Easy

  • Beat Sync: automatically syncs all tracks to the beat to the master deck using rekordbox beat grid information.
  • Auto Mix: automatically mixes each track within a playlist if you need to step away from the deck during long sets.

Performance Features and Sample Playback

  • INDUSTRY FIRST - Jog Drum: a more DJ-friendly way of engaging samples. You simply load a sample onto the deck and press Jog Drum; you can then trigger and scratch the samples by drumming directly on the jog wheel for more control and creativity.

  • Sample Launch: with four samples pre-loaded onto each deck, simply push Sample Launch once to perform with the currently engaged sample. By holding down Sample Launch, you can select another sample to perform with. Samples can also be launched using the XDJ-AERO's effects, loops and pitch controls.

rekordbox™ music management software (included)

  • Supported OS:
    • Mac OS®X (10.5.8 or above)
    • Windows®7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
    • Windows Vista® Home Basic/Home Premium/ Ultimate/Business (SP2 or above)
    • Windows® XP Home Edition/Professional (from SP3)
    • (Windows® XP Professional x64 edition is not supported)
  • Playable file formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF

Additional Features

  • Onboard 44.1kHz/24bit high resolution soundcard
  • Independent three-band equalizer
  • Dual headphone output ­- minijack for innerear headphones and standard jack for fullsize headphones
  • Four colour LCD displaying 18 languages
  • Mic input and balanced TRS output

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