Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer & Elektron Analog Heat

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  • Digital Hardware Production Bundle
  • Eight Track Digital Drum Machine & Sampler
  • Heat Includes Eight Analog Distortion Circuits
  • In-Depth Controls On Each Unit
  • Overbridge Technology Ensures Seamless DAW Integration

Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer & Elektron Analog Heat

The Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer & Elektron Analog Heat is the ultimate digital musician package, giving you a high-end drum machine and sampler, complete with the Heat Sound Processor and eight tracks. With a rich feature set and an extremely powerful digital sound engine, this is set to be an excellent portable instrument for producers and live musicians. The Elektron Analog Heat Sound Processor features eight stereo analog distortion circuits that have been designed to produce outstanding sound shaping possibilities - treating audio in both beautiful and radical ways.

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Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer and Sampler

Born From Elektron's Love Of Drum Machines

The CEO of Elektron stated that Elektron has a distinct passion for drum machines. The Digitakt has a convenient compact size, with an extraordinary digital sound engine. Elektron has a proud history with drum machines following the highly regarded Machinedrum that was discontinued in 2016 after a successful 15 year period. The Digitakt is yet another formidable drum machine. It is compact, rugged, and to the point. The Digitakt proves why drum machines are something of an Elektron speciality.

Rhythm Is A Fundamental Part Of Music

Off-kilter beats, four on the floor workouts, polyrhythmic excursions, they all serve the same purpose. They provide musical structure and sometimes they even make us dance. The Digitakt helps to bring this key aspect of music to life! Containing all of the necessary tools to make people move, with a digital and highly flexible sound engine, sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, and the ability to control external MIDI gear, it is truly a force to be reckoned with. Rounded off with a super crisp OLED screen and tactile back-lit buttons, and you have a truly special instrument.

The Beauty of Hardware & The Benefits of Software

Overbridge is a breakthrough piece of technology. It gives Elektron instruments the ability to be handled as software plugins. So not only is the Digitakt an incredible piece of hardware, but it has "bridged" a gap and hybrid-ised the hardware and software world in a completely new way. It allows full plugin control, so you can shape your sounds and handle patches with precision. Instrument specific software plugins for Elektron instruments are intuitive and beautifully designed, making analog circuitry that little bit more accessible and easier to manage. You can record multiple Elektron machine voices to your computer, or add warmth to DAW tracks with sought after analog circuitry, always in complete sync. All from the connection of a USB cable. If that isn't enough, all sound settings on an Elektron instrument can be automatically recalled when you load up a DAW project. Overbridge offers ultimate convenience. It's truly a time saver.

Elektron Analog Heat Sound Processor

Analog Distortion Circuits

The Elektron Analog Heat Sound Processor is equipped with eight stereo analog distortion circuits that have been designed to provide versatile sound-shaping capabilities, while complementing each other. These analog distortion circuits are capable of producing everything from warm tape-like saturation to harsh over-the-top distortion.

Filter, EQ and Modulation

To further affect the incoming signal, the Analog Heat Sound Processor features a stereo analog multi-mode filter and a 2-band stereo analog EQ. Additionally, modulation sources include an assignable envelope and an assignable LFO, which are perfect for creating rhythmical textures and re-shaping your audio.

Sound Card Operation

The innovative Analog Heat Sound Processor can also function as a 2 input/2 output sound card, even while processing audio from your DAW. Perfect for travelling musicians, the Elektron Analog Heat allows you to create as you go and create professional-quality recordings wherever you are.

Overbridge Technology

The Overbridge technology allows you to seamlessly integrate the sound and capabilities of the Analog Heat into your DAW environment. Simply connect the Analog Heat to a computer via the USB connection and use it just like a VST/AU effect plug-in. Overbridge makes analog processing of individual sounds, tracks and even complete mixes a completely integrated and rewarding experience.


Eletron Digitakt Drum Computer

  • 8 internal audio tracks
  • 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
  • 1 × Multi-mode filter per audio track
  • 1 × Assignable LFO per track
  • Delay and Reverb send FX
  • Sampling capability
  • 64 MB sample memory
  • 1 GB +Drive storage
  • 2 × ¼” input & 2 × ¼” balanced output
  • 1 × High Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
  • Overbridge support

Elektron Analog Heat Sound Processor

  • All-analog multi-effects processor with 8 stereo distortion circuits
  • Create anything from warm tape distortion to insanely harsh fuzz
  • 7-way multi-mode filter with resonance control adds amazing harmonics
  • Shape your tone via the onboard 2-band equalizer
  • Assignable envelope and LFO (with MIDI sync) let you add motion to your sound
  • MIDI in/out/thru and CV expression make integration with your hardware rig easy
  • Elektron Overbridge provides plug-in-style control and audio to your DAW via USB