Teenage Engineering OD-11 Cloud Hi-Fi Speaker - Nearly New

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  • OD-11 Cloud Speaker, 100W Integrated Amplifier
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 4 Technology
  • Control With Innovative Wireless Ortho Remote
  • Remote is Magnetic
  • Re-Design of the Classic Stig Carlsson Speaker

Teenage Engineering OD-11 Cloud Hi-Fi Speaker - Nearly New

With its built-in computer, 100 watt analog class-D amplifier and wireless stereo, the new OD-11 has evolved from a 70's classic to a complete ultra modern music system with everything built-in to play wireless music from any device or platform. Inside OD-11 you'll find the ortho engine ? a custom designed computer, processing the crossover filtering and all wireless communication. Mounted on the side of the bass reflex duct is the 100 watt, high efficiency integrated amplifier. By mounting the amplifier on the side of the duct it's kept cool with the passing airflow.

Please note, this item was returned unwanted from a customer. The original boxing is scuffed and all the seals are broken. Otherwise, the unit itself looks and operates as new, and has only been used a couple of times.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

Software bundled with the original new product may have been registered or may no longer be included.

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Full Description

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The new OD-11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary ortho directional loud-speaker by stig carlsson from 1974. Now with a built-in computer, 100 watt amplifier and the latest wifi technology. It's upgraded to play all your music, from any device, in wireless stereo. The unmistakeably warm and relaxed carlsson sound has returned. Re-created from original technical drawings, the 2014 version of OD-11 has the same dimensions, 10 liter volume, white cabinet with black grille, as when it was launched in 1974. When it comes to the sound, the ortho directional speaker principle is more relevant than ever, delivering the same great sound as it did 40 years ago. the genuine carlsson sound.

Thanks to its built-in technology and wifi capabilities, OD-11 works out of the box with airplay on mac, iphone, ipad and apple tv. And on windows too, with itunes installed. When playing music from spotify on a mobile device, a digital token is sent to OD-11 telling it to handle the streaming so you can turn your mobile device off and enjoy the music.

The Stig Carlson Story

In all its simplicity, carlsson's quote reveals the secret to why his speakers came to revolutionize the world of hifi. Stig carlsson's competitors designed their speakers to generate great audio output in a completely muted and echo-free anechoic chamber. In such a room, a flat frequency response curve could be achieved - the proof of a pure and direct sound. There's just one small problem with this approach: nobody actually lives in an anechoic chamber.

If you put a conventional speaker in a regular home, you will get a completely different result than you would in an anechoic chamber. Instead of a beautiful and flat frequency response curve, what you end up with looks more like a downhill slope. the sound is distorted by the many reflections, and by the fact that the sound waves keep crashing into each other, causing them to reach the ear at slightly different intervals. The brain interprets all this in the only way it can: as poor quality of sound.

Ortho (Sold Separately)

Ortho remote is the wireless remote control designed for OD-11. With Ortho remote you adjust the volume, skip track and pause your music from any room, at up to 20 meters distance. Ortho remote has a magnetic back so you can stick it to any magnetic metal surface like a fridge. The non-slip bottom makes it rest steady on any surface. Experience real 1-click music.

The OD-11 works best placed close to a wall, pointed towards the centre of the room. Welcome to a great cloud music experience.


"A beautifully minimalistic cuve with guts that are equal parts retro and modern. It combines uncompromising hardware design with a sense of simplicity and fun - and it sounds absolutely fantastic". - Nathan Ingraham, The Verge. Winner of Best Audio at CES 2013.

Features and Specifications

  • Speaker Principle: Ortho Directional, Flow Optimised Bass, Reflex Duct
  • Frequency Range: 28 - 24,000 Hz
  • Materials: High Density Board, Reinforced PA 66, Wire Steel Mesh
  • Design Features: Single Multi-Configurable Design for Left/Right or Auto Placement. Left and Right Power Cord Canal
  • Tweeter: High Efficiency, Ferrofluid Cooled Neoodymium Cone Tweeter
  • Woofer: Long Throw Pulp Cone Woofer with Magnetic Short Circuiting Ring
  • Amplifier: Ultra High Efficiency Design
  • Wireless: Beam Forming WiFi Technology, Bluetooth 4 Low Energy
  • Inputs: 3.5mm Stereo In, Optical In
  • Interface: Plus/Minus Button, Function Button, RGB LED, Left/Auto/Right Selector Switch
  • General Power Requirements: AC 110-240V 50-60Hz, Universal Power Supply
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 262 x 272 x 262mm
  • Volume: 10 Litres
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Colour: White and Black
  • Accessories: Ortho Remote, Wall Bracket (Available Seperately)