Vox MV50 CL Compact Guitar Amp Head & Cab Bundle

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  • High Quality Bundle With MV50 CL Head & BC108 Cabinet
  • 50 W Compact Amp Head That You Can Easily Carry In One Hand
  • 8" VOX Original Speaker, Ideal For Studio Use & Rehearsals
  • Speaker & Cabinet Structure Designed To Enhance Low-Frequencies
  • Roadworthy Design With Integrated Handles For Portable Use

Vox MV50 CL Compact Guitar Amp Head & Cab Bundle

The Vox MV50 CL Compact Guitar Amp Head & Cab Bundle has been especially designed for mobile guitarists who want a certain sound in a portable format. Featuring new Nutube technology, the MV50 CL head delivers natural, undistorted characteristics with additional headroom, and the ultimate clean sound. The BC108 Speaker Cabinet features an 8" VOX speaker, ideal for studio use, rehearsals and small live performances. Like the MV50 head, the BC108 features a lightweight, roadworthy chassis, that delivers a well-balanced sound with an excellent low-frequency response. This high-quality bundle is the perfect choice for any level of player, and its compact size means it can be taken anywhere, for a hassle-free performance and ultimate clean sound.

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MV50 CL Amp Head

Nutube Technology

Introduced in 2015, Nutube is a revolutionary new vacuum tube that is becoming more and more popular. Nutube is similar to a conventional vacuum tube and features an anode grid filament structure, operating the same as a triode vacuum for an authentic tube amp tone. This compact amplifer head uses a unique analog preamp design and offers a low power, low voltage mini head that can be easily taken anywhere.

Achieve The Dynamics & Feel Of A Tube Amp

The MV50 amp head includes a class D power amp that has been especially designed to interact with the internal circuit, for a quiet and reliable performance. This versatile amp head faithfully amplifies the character of the vacuum tube sound that’s generated by the Nutube equipped pre-amp circuit. This circuit is also sensitive to every nuance of your playing style, offering dynamics that are true to your tone and an authentic playing experience. With the MV50 CL model, players can achieve natural, undistorted characteristics with additional headroom, and the ultimate clean sound.

Compact EQ

The Vox MV50 CL Compact Head features a FLAT mode and an EQ switch for use with larger speaker cabinets, allowing you to achieve excellent low-end and accentuation of high frequencies, that other small models would usually struggle to reach. When connected to a small-sized cabinet, you can set the EQ switch to DEEP mode to retain a rich low-frequency range and prevent the high frequencies from becoming too pronounced.

Additional Features

For enhanced connectivity, the MV50 also features a line/headphone output, allowing you to connect directly to a mixer or audio interface for recording sessions. As well as outputs, the MV50 also features a cabinet simulator circuit that faithfully reproduces the characteristics of a cabinet and the air it moves.

MV50 Features

  • Ultra-compact amp head that you can easily carry in one hand
  • Monstrous sound with 50W of output power, all in an unbelievable size
  • Equipped with an analog preamp driven by Nutube, the new vacuum tube that shrinks the size of conventional tubes, but retains the tone
  • Delivers a natural, undistorted tone with additional headroom, and the ultimate clean sound.
  • Equipped with a Class D power amp for quiet, efficient and reliable performance
  • EQ Switch adds or cuts low-end for pairing with a variety of cabinets
  • Line/headphone out with cabinet emulation for direct recording or live performances
  • Modern design with a mirror-finish front and VU meter
  • Integrated carry handle for portable use

BC108 Speaker Cabinet

Compact & Portable

The BC108 speaker cabinet is equipped with an 8 inch speaker, making it lightweight and portable, and ideal for personal practice or studio sessions. Its compact chassis has been carefully designed to deliver an excellent low-frequency response despite its small size. In addition, the BC108 also features a unique, semi-open-back structure which ensures the sound is directed forward, for optimum projection.

BC108 Features

  • 8" VOX original speaker, ideal for studio use and rehearsals
  • Speaker and cabinet structure that enhances low-frequencies
  • Jacks provided to allow parallel connection
  • Roadworthy design with integrated handle
  • Black grille and vinyl will complement any existing rig

BC108 Specifications

  • Speaker: 1 x 8" VOX original 8ohm
  • Input Jack: 2
  • Max Input: 25Wrms
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 260 x 280 x 200 mm/10.24" x 11.02" x 7.87"
  • Weight: 3.9 kg/8.60 lbs
  • Accessories: Speaker cable