TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 Vintage Echo

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  • 9 Exclusive Delay Sounds
  • Tributes to Classic and Vintage Delays
  • Tape, Analog and Digital Delay Tones
  • Compact Pedal
  • TonePrint Enabled

TC Electronic Alter Ego 2 Vintage Echo

The TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 contains 9 exclusive Delay sounds. The pedal takes the best features from the Alter Ego X4 and fits them into a new compact pedal - perfect if space on your pedalboard is at a premium. Four control knobs give you easy and complete control over your sound plus TonePrint allows you to add and edit even more.

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  • Comments from customers who bought this item:

With Alter Ego 2 Vintage Echo you get 9 vintage delay sounds carefully reproduced by ProGuitarShop and TC Electronic. You?ll find everything from sweet saturated EchoPlex repeats, the unique magnetic drum delays of the legendary Echorec, an exclusive modulated take on TC?s own 2290 delay unit to tons of other classic echo tones. Combine that with stereo I/O, an audio-tapping feature and innovative TonePrint technology and you've got yourself a pedal that may sound old-aged but is truly cutting edge.

TonePrint gives you signature versions of delays made by music's finest and allows you to cram as many delay types into this little pedal as you desire. Everything from custom tuned tones by music's elite to classic takes on legendary sounds, plus make your own using the TonePrint Editor.

This easy to use pedal has four knob controls on the front. A Subdivision Mini-Toggle allows you to select quarter notes, dotted eighths or a dual delay combination of both. A Feedback control sets the number of repetitions and how much effect is fed back to the input - short and snappy or infinite soundscapes! A Delay knob controls the delay time, which, apart from the Slapback, can go up to 7 seconds. FX Level determines how pronounced the effect is.


  • Nine exclusive gorgeous Delay sounds, lovingly crafted by TC Electronic and ProGuitarShop
  • TonePrint® enabled
  • Beam enabled
  • Pedal simple - don't read, rock!
  • Audio Tapping
  • 10 Delay Types
  • 40 second looper
  • True Bypass (optional buffered)
  • Analog-Dry-Through
  • Stereo in- and output
  • Spillover on/off
  • Easy battery access
  • Small footprint
  • High quality components