Loog II Electric Green

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  • Unique Learning Tool for Kids
  • Award Winning Design, Educator Approved
  • 3 String Real Wood Guitar with Full Tone
  • Includes Instructional Book and Free App
  • Builds Transferable Skills for Standard Guitar

Loog II Electric Green

The Loog Guitars Electric Loog II, Green is designed to make it easy for children to play proper songs on a real guitar. The benefits of playing music from an early age are well documented but sometimes difficulty or lack of progress can deter children. A Loog guitar empowers the child to play full songs from the start. They can learn from any guitar teacher, using the included book or free app or play along with parents as the chord fingerings are the same on the Loog 3 string guitar as on any full size guitar. The guitar comes unassembled so you can also enjoy building the guitar with your child and assembly is simple taking just 15 minutes. Many more seasoned players also enjoy the Loog guitars as they challenge their creativity and are ideal for travel.

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Full Description

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Real Wood Instrument

The Electric Loog is Loog's newest guitar, small in size but with a serious sound. It's an authentic guitar made out of real wood - just smaller in size with only 3 strings. It produces a very resonant and powerful sound for such a small body. The playability has been improved for delicate fingers with a height adjustable bridge so the action can be lowered. This award winning design has been approved by children, parents and educators alike.

Easy, Simple, Fun

The guitar isn't an easy instrument for children to learn. Complex chord patterns can be hard to remember and tricky for little fingers to manage. Pressing the strings down can be painful for small fingers and strumming all six strings to produce a consistent sound isn't easy.

That's why Loog came up with their range of specialist kids guitars designed to make playing fun, simple and easier for younger players. With only three strings and a narrow neck, children are much more able to produce the correct sounds and play songs they recognise.

Learn With Loog, Progress To Any Guitar

The three strings on the Loog Electric have the same tunings as the first three strings on a nomal guitar. To play you simply play the first three notes of any standard chord which means children can copy adults on standard guitars or use any chord tablature. All the chords and skills being learnt are easily transferable to a full size guitar when the child is ready.

If the child wants to play along with a parent or teacher they'll be able to learn the correct chords and patterns from them by simply copying the finger placement on the first three strings and adding the rest in when they progress. By then, the position of the first fingers will have become second nature making progress quick.

Extra Learning Tools

Loog guitars come with a free instructional book which includes songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and a free app with video lessons, a tuner and even a monkey drummer to help keep the beat. Kids are familiar with modern technology and learn well with these devices.

Build and Bond

All Loog guitars arrive with you unassembled, as we've found children enjoy building the guitar as much as they do playing it. Making the guitar helps create a deep bond between the child and their new musical instrument and also helps them understand how it works. You and your child can build a Loog guitar in around 15 minutes with just a screwdriver so it's a simple and fun process.

“If you’re thinking of getting your kids interested in music, the Loog Guitar is perfect.” WIRED



  • Colour: Light Green
  • Body Finish: Glossy
  • Body: Basswood
  • Bridge: Rosewood


  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Number of Frets: 18
  • String Nut: Bone


  • Saddle: Bone
  • Hardware Finish: Silver


  • Scale: 20.4" (520.0mm)
  • Length: 29.2" (740.5mm)
  • Width:Depth: 2.6" (66.0mm)
  • Weight: 4.0lbs (1.9kg)

What's In The Box?

  • Loog Guitar body with pickup and tailpiece
  • Loog neck
  • Tailpiece
  • Bridge
  • 3 Machine heads
  • 2 Strap-buttons
  • Strings
  • Printed assembly instructions and playing-guide