Line 6 POD HD Bean Desktop Multi-Effects Processor

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Line 6 POD HD Bean Desktop Multi-Effects Processor


The latest addition to the world renowned POD family, POD HD desktop multi-effect is the only direct recording hardware that delivers the tone and feel of a true tube amplifier experience - but with the simplicity, immediacy and flexibility that put POD on the map. 16 brand-new, hot-off-the-presses Line 6 HD amp models deliver superior articulation, tangible touch response and unparalleled warmth and feel. Over 100 M-class effects based on famous vintage and modern gear add color, texture, depth and definition to your HD tones. Plug it all in with an I/O built to fit any project studio.

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POD HD features all 16 of the new Line 6 HD amp models. The high-quality models offer a wide range of tones from sparkling cleans to mid-gain crunch to full-bodied, high-gain distortion. The models are based on famous modern and vintage amps including Fender Twin Reverb, Hiwatt Custom 100, Supro S6616, Gibson EH-185, Divided by 13 JRT 9/15, Dr. Z Route 66, Vox AC-30 (Top Boost), Marshall JTM-45 MkII, Park 75, Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, ENGL Fireball 100 and more, and deliver all the tonal nuances of each. (Amplifiers recognized as having being modeled for earlier POD products were re-modeled for POD HD using the new HD amp modeling technology.)

Fully adjustable guitar preamp, power amp, speaker cab and mic preamp models are featured in POD HD as well as over 100 M-class effects featuring tangy choruses, syrupy-sweet reverbs, distinctive delays and much more. Up to eight effects can be run simultaneously and in any order.

The large display shows quick, at-a-glance review of the entire signal chain. All parameters of all models are easily edited directly from the homepage.

POD HD features a studio-ready I/O with a 1/4-inch guitar input, stereo 1/4-inch balanced outs, USB 2.0, S/PDIF out, 1/4-inch headphone jack, an XLR mic input and an FBV jack for connection to a Line 6 foot controller.

Countless guitarists have chosen to direct-record with POD since the debut of the original bean-shaped desktop multi-effect over a decade ago. Many prefer the tactile, amp-like experience of POD instead of moving virtual knobs in a plug-in. Others choose POD for the outboard processing instead of bogging down their computers with processor-intensive software. Guitarists who record, perform and travel for gigs value POD for its convenience, portability and reliable tone.

POD HD desktop multi-effect features 16 HD amp models. Colorful clean tones sparkle and sing with dizzying levels of detail. Mid-gain crunch tones deliver warm sweet-spot breakup. High-gain tones are full, powerful and defined. Line 6 HD amp models feel, behave and sound like no other modeling.

HD amp models contain up to 10 times more amplifier DNA than previous Line 6 modeling. Things like single-ended class A tube stages, class AB push/pull interactions, tone stack and even power supply behavior were modeled with more refinement than ever before.

POD HD desktop multi-effect is perfect for guitarists who:

  • Want to record with a wide variety of guitar tones and effects
  • Don't want to bog down their DAW with processor-intensive plug-ins
  • Value convenience and immediacy as much as they value good tone
  • Would rather tweak tones with real knobs instead of virtual, software ones
  • Do it all: write, record, perform, rehearse, travel