JHS Pedals The Kilt 2 in 1 Distortion and Boost

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  • Boutique 2 in 1 Dirt Box and Boost
  • Wide Range of Drive Tones w/ Boost
  • Toggle Switching Tone Variation
  • Stunning Silver Dual Enclosure
  • Operates on 9V DC Power

JHS Pedals The Kilt 2 in 1 Distortion and Boost

The Kilt by JHS Pedals is a 2-in-1 dirt box and boost pedal desinged in conjunction with Stu G, the founding member of Delirious. Of all the JHS drive pedals The Kilt is arguarbly the most versatile, you can achieve almost any drive tone from light tube breakup to beefy distortion and even super hot fuzz tones, on top of that you can then boost your signal using the right hand switch. The drive sound takes heavy influence from the Bixonic Expandora to provide super dirty distortion sound with some major changes to increase functionality.

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World Recongnised Boutiqe Pedals

JHS Pedals has evolved from a one man, bedroom operation, to a world recognised boutique effects pedal company. All JHS pedals feature a simplistic design, with hand-wired components. Josh Scott, founder of JHS Pedals, began by modifying pedals he had on his personal board, years of touring and session work led Josh to realise exactly what it is that players want from their pedals which meant building them from the ground up to achieve perfection.

Hand Built to Perfection

JHS Pedals are hand-built in Kansas City USA, the company has a core value that JHS builders will never be replaced by robots. Every boutique JHS pedal is made and tested by a highly skilled pedal builder to ensure that every JHS pedal is crafted to perfection.


  • Type: Dirty Overdrive and Boost
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Gain and Boost
  • Finish: Silver
  • Graphics: Kilt Icon
  • LED Colour: Yellow/Red
  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • I/O Connection: 1/4" Jack