DISC VOX Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Pedal

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  • Double Deca Pedal from the Tone Garage Series
  • All-Analog Circuitry
  • New Hi-Volt Technology, 12AX7 Vacuum Tube
  • Uses the Famous 3205 Bucket Brigade Device Chips
  • Independent Modulation Knob

DISC VOX Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Pedal


Vox's unique design philosophy and carefully selected components come together to form the Tone Garage Series, capturing pure analog essence. The Double Deca delay pedal provides a unique tonal signature using all-analog circuitry.

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Full Description

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The VOX Double Deca delay pedal offers a multi-functional analog delay effect powered by BBD chips.

Vox selected the famous 3205 Bucket Brigade Device chip to bring you the classic analog delay sound with the Double Deca. Choose from three delay modes - short, long or both. 'Short' provides a delay time of up to 300 ms with a clear delay sound and minimal decline in the sound quality. 'Long' mode uses all three BBD chips, letting you specify a delay time of up to 900 ms, great for warm-sounding delay trails. 'Both' mode mixes the short and long delays for tonal ambience.

An independent modulation knob will let you adjust the chorus affect, giving you a trinity of delay, reverb and chorus sounds when used in 'Both' modes.

VOX were able to take this technology and still keep the Double Deca small enough to fit snugly on your pedalboard.

Features and Specifications

To view further information about the Double Deca Pedal, please download the manual PDF from the link below.

  • Input impedance: 600k Ohm
  • Output impedance: 2.2k Ohm
  • Connections: INPUT jack (guitar input), OUTPUT jack (line output)
  • Power: AA battery x 6
  • AC adapter: DC 9V (Option)
  • Consumption current: 36 mA
  • Battery Life: Approximately 80 hours
  • Dimensions (mm): W 87 x D 132 x H 63
  • Weight: 420 g (not including battery)
  • Accessories: AA alkaline battery x 6 (for verifying operation)
  • Options: AC Adapter