Lava Cable Piston Solder Free Pedalboard Kit, Carolina Blue

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  • 10 Right Angle Piston Plugs and 10ft (3.1m) of Mini ELC Cable
  • Solder Free Pedalboard Cable System
  • Custom Make Your Own Pedalboard Patch Cables
  • Carolina Blue Cable Colour

Lava Cable Piston Solder Free Pedalboard Kit, Carolina Blue

The Piston Solder Free Pedalboard Kit allows you to custom make your own patch cables and wire up your pedalboard exactly as you need. Available in a variety of colours, you can colour code to your hearts content. Cut, strip and solder your own wiring and you'll have the perfect pedal set up in no time! Includes 10 right angle Piston plugs for compact connections and 10ft (3.1m) of Carolina Blue Mini ELC wiring.

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The Right Angle Piston Plug is a ¼" connection jack specially designed for use with this Lava Cable Piston Pedalboard Kits. Solder this plug to Mini ELC™ cables to create custom length patch cables for your pedalboard. Nickel construction for great signal passage.

The Lava Piston™ Right Angle Solder-Free Plug has been designed to be the smallest possible profile hex set-screw type plug for the music industry. These plugs are designed exclusively to with work with Lava Cable's world renowned Mini ELC™ cable, these innovative plugs make it easier than ever before to make patch cables for pedal boards and racks.

With 10 plugs you can make 5 connections. It's also possible to buy more Piston plugs individually to make use of any leftover cable.


  • 10x Lava Cable Piston nickel plugs
  • Right angle connections
  • Hex set-screw type plugs
  • 10ft (3.1m) of Carolina Blue Mini ELC™ Cable