Tama Star Bubinga 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, LTD ED Australian Blackwood

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  • Bubinga Shells with Australian Blackwood Finish
  • Advanced Bearing Edges with Die-Cast Hoops
  • Tama's Unique Star Mounting System
  • Dynamic Sound for a Variety of Genres
  • Professional Standard Drums for Higher Level Players

Tama Star Bubinga 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, LTD ED Australian Blackwood

The Tama Star Bubinga Exotix 5pc Shell Pack features 4.5mm 5ply Bubinga shells with an Australian Blackwood finish. At only 4.5mm, the shells are thinner than usual, offering increased vibration with enhanced resonance which complements the natural tone which the shells offer. With die-cast hoops, quick lock tom brackets, and Tama's unique Star-mount system, the Star Bubinga Shell Pack brings professional sound and manufacturing quality to the hands of the modern drummer.

Please note: cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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  • Bass Drum: 18" x 22" 7ply/6mm
  • Rack Tom 1: 8" x 10" 6ply/5mm
  • Rack Tom 2: 9" x 12" 6ply/5mm
  • Floor Tom 1: 12" x 14" 6ply/5mm
  • Floor Tom 2: 14" x 16" 6ply/5mm

Tama Star Series

The Tama Star Series takes research from the acclaimed Starclassic series and steps it up a notch through the implementation of new manufacturing techniques to further the tone of the kits. These redesigned components offer unprecedented tonal quality whilst complementing the kit's overall existing aesthetic.

Bubinga Shells

The Tama Star Bubinga Exotix Shell Pack features 4.5mm 5 ply Bubinga shells, offering rich, deep tones which are becoming increasingly popular in the drumming world. The thinner shells allow for maximum vibration and enhanced resonance, producing an extremely natural sound which complements a wide range of drumming styles and genres. The 9mm sound focus rings (SFR) provide clear projection and sustain which offers a distinct sound alongside increased durability and reinforcement.

Star-Mount System

Tama's innovative Star-Mount system maximises the drums' resonance, also providing support at four separate points on the batter side hoop of the drums. From the Star-Cast Mounting System to the single small lugs, every aspect of Starclassic was tailored to combine with Tama's ideal of the bare-minimum of shell contact. Instead of metal badges riveted to the shell, Starclassic has a maple air-hole cap and a logo that is imprinted onto the shell before the final finish is applied. These features also contribute to Starclassic's rich, timeless appearance.

Quick-Lock Tom Brackets

Tama quick-lock tom brackets provide a fast and easy way to setup and breakdown your kit. Additionally, once the drum is positioned on legs or a tom stand there is no need to attach and adjust separate memory locks to save the setting. By simply sliding the switch on the bracket, it will separate into two parts, keeping the memory lock portion on the stand or leg, saving your positioning and making the next set up quick and easy. Quick-Lock brackets also employ rubber lining for the purpose of reducing vibration transference to the tom stands or floor tom legs; further isolating the drums and enhancing resonance.

Air Pocket Floor Tom Feet

Starclassic's air pocket rubber feet are designed with a special air chamber that absorbs shock and helps eliminate the transfer of vibrations to the floor, creating an enhanced and comfortable playing experience. The bass drum feet use a similar concept, where the retractable spurs absorb verticle impact thanks to the soft, high-mass rubber feet. The bass drum also features advanced claw hooks which stabilise the wooden bass drum hoops, keeping them in place no matter how hard you play. The claws feature built-in rubber lining which helps protect the wood and maintain tuning, even during long performances. The rubber spaces also help protect the claw hooks and tension bolts from damage when the bass drum is placed on the ground.

Die-Cast Hoops

Tama's zinc Die-Cast Hoops are manufactured by injecting molten metal into moulds, creating a dense hoop that's more consistent in shape than triple-flanged hoops. This design provides the drums with a crisp attack, clear, resonating highs and powerful rim shots. Die-Cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly. The STAR drums also feature a bearing edge shape that has a rounder peak than Tama's traditional bearing edge. The unique rounded peak provides more contact between the drumhead and shell, allowing vibration to travel from the drumhead to the shell more effectively.

About Tama

With up to 40 years within the drum industry, Tama has developed a unique brand that prioritises both great tonal quality and outstanding aesthetics. With an eclectic list of artists on their roster, Tama has consistently delivered high-quality percussion to a multitude of musicians over the years. This extensive list includes the likes of Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka, Anthrax's Charlie Benante, ZZ Top's Frank Beard and Kendrick Lamar's Rico Nichols. Tama drums accentuate each individual's specific nuanced style of playing and give the player unparalleled tone and versatility.


  • Advanced bearing edges
  • Air cushioned tom legs
  • Claw hooks
  • Die-cast hoops
  • Quick lock tom brackets
  • Bubinga shells
  • Star mount system


  • Shell Material: Bubinga
  • Shell Thickness 4.5mm, 5 Ply
  • Finish: Australian Blackwood
  • Hoops: Die-Cast
  • Tom Legs: Air Cushioned