Beyerdynamic, also known as Beyer, was founded in 1924 and has become a well known provider of German-made applied high technology for the professional audio sector. Developing premium headphones and microphones, Beyerdynamic is a transducer specialist, their expertise in one area directly benefiting development in the other. View All Information

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Beyerdynamic Early Milestones

1924 Beyerdynamic founded in Berlin. Started development and production of loudspeakers for upcoming soundfilm.

1937 Production of the first dynamic headphones, the DT 48.

1939 Beyerdynamic present first dynamic mic for studio, the M 19.

1953 The DT 49 "stick" headphone gave rise to the famous disc bars.

1962 Production of the "transistophone", the first wireless microphone.

1963 The newly developed M 88 directional microphone is selected as the only microphone for Queen Elizabeth's first official visit to Australia.

1966 Exclusive microphone for the first Beatles tour through Germany, the E 1000.

Beyerdynamic News

Musikmesse 2016: Beyerdynamic Reveal TG D71C Condenser Boundary Microphone

The Beyerdynamic TG D71C Condenser Boundary Microphone is the perfect microphone for recording bass drums, as well as other low frequency instruments.... More »

Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio Plug-in Available for Free

A Virtual Studio Plug-In is available to download from Beyerdynamic for free.... More »

Musikmesse 2011: Bayerdynamic Launch New Touring Gear Microphones

German audio specialist Bayerdynamic has announced a new range of microphones at Musikmesse held in Frankfurt. New Touring Gear microphones offer a complete range of microphone solutions for the stage.... More »