EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Repeat Percussions V3 Tremelo

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  • Choppy, Sawtooth Tremolo Pedal
  • Modeled on the Vintage “Repeat Percussion” Device
  • 3 Toggled Modes Select Different LFO Ranges
  • Compatible with External Expression Pedals
  • Plenty of Clean Boost Available

EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird Repeat Percussions V3 Tremelo

The EarthQuaker Hummingbird V3 Repeat Percussion is a choppy, sawtooth tremolo device based on the classic 'repeat percussion' units previously found in vintage vox amplifiers. It gives you access to a broad range of sounds from a 50s style shimmer through to a synth style delayed chop, verging on ring modulation speeds. A toggle switch selects between 3 oscillator ranges providing a whole world of modulation beneath your feet, with extra tonal sculpting available using the Hummingbird's rate and depth dials. It's possible to connect an external expression and open up the possibility of truly random amplitude modulation, it replaces the rate control. Also includes plenty of clean gain on-tap.

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Full Description

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A bright LED indicator means you always stay in control even on the darkest of stages, all analog, true bypass switching ensures an amazingly pure and natural tone straight from your instrument, and to top it all off the pedal is handmade in Ohio, USA to a supreme level of quality. Look no further than the EarthQuaker Hummingbird V3 if you're searching for a beautiful sounding, versatile tremolo option.


  • Depth: Sets level of modulation from almost non-existent to full signal chop.
  • Rate: Controls speed of the LFO. Clockwise for faster, anti-clockwise for slower.
  • Level: Controls signal input level which ultimately controls output level.
  • Mode: 3 way toggle switch selects the range of the oscillator. Mode 1 is slow, 2 is mid tempo and 3 is the fastest.
  • Expression Jack: Option to use an external expression pedal to set the rate with your foot. When an expression pedal is used the Rate control becomes void.


  • Connections: ¼" input, output and expression pedal connections
  • Power: Requires 9V DC power supply
  • Current Draw: 10 mA
  • Construction: Built by hand in Ohio, USA