Kickport 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole, Silver Sand

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  • Enhances Bass Response, Resonance, and Tone
  • Helps Achieve an Overall Focused Natural Sound
  • Compatible with all Sizes, Brands, and Materials
  • Perfect for Any Drumming Styles and Genres
  • Available In a Range of Colours to Match Your Kick

Kickport 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole, Silver Sand

The KickPort 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole is an innovative bass drum accessory which can be attached to the resonant head of your bass drum to deliver enhanced bass response with a sound that can be tuned to your preference. The device can be used on any bass drum, provided you can cut a sound hole in the resonant head. The KickPort focuses the air as it leaves the bass drum, resulting in a natural compression which increases punch and adds to the overall depth of the sound. When paired with a high-quality bass drum and drumheads and with a little bit of tuning, the KickPort 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole can transform the sound of your kick, making it an essential for any drummer, whatever their chosen style or genre.

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Must-Have Accessory

The KickPort 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole is a must-have accessory for all recording, performing and gigging drummers around the world. The KickPort device is compatible with all bass drums from all brands and sizes 16'' - 28'', so you can achieve a great sound with any kit which you use it with. The dynamic design for the KickPort bass drum allows for an impressive punch and great low that is effective live as it is in the studio. Renowned for the innovative design and application, the KickPort 2 Bass Drum Sound Hole is recognised as a must have accessory within the music industry.


  • Enhances bass response, resonance, and tone
  • Helps achieve an overall focused natural sound
  • Compatible with all sizes, brands, and materials
  • Perfect for any drumming styles and genres
  • Available in a range of colours to match your kick


  • Opening Diamter: 4''
  • Finish: Silver Sand
  • Compatibility: 16'' - 28''