DISC Roland TD-30K V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit with Amp and Accessories

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  • SuperNATURAL powered V-Drums sound module
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Expressive and accurate Behaviour Modelling
  • Superior sound quality and natural response

DISC Roland TD-30K V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit with Amp and Accessories

The Roland TD30K is part of Roland V-pro Series V-drums. With the Flagship TD30 module onboard featuring Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound and behavior modelling technology for snare and cymbals, the TD30K Ideal for all serious drummers and electronics artists. This Package includes a range of high quality accessories such as a Quiklok Adjustable Drum Stool, Tama Iron Cobra Single Pedal, SubZero Drum/Keyboard Monitor, 3m jack cable and a hi grade hi-hat stand for added playability realism.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Roland TD-30K V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit

For over a decade, Roland's revolutionary V-Drums have lead the industry in expressive sound quality and incredible playability. With the introduction of the SuperNATURAL-powered TD-30K V-Pro Series, the electronic drum set reaches a new pinnacle in drumming performance.

TD-30 Sound Module

This module has 1000 SuperNATURAL sounds produced by Behavior Modeling. The sound quality is superior, responding naturally to a variety of drumming techniques and dynamics. Every nuance is included: rim shots, rolls - even ghost notes on the snare. Once you have your sound, the Ambience Section allows you to place your output in the room by appling reverbs and mic simulations - you'll be able to get that mixed studio sound every time!

Also included are 21 On-board Effects for further creative exploration: flangers, saturators, compressors and EQ are all included.

Advanced Sensing Technology

Every sensor on this kit has been carefully tuned to give the control and customisation expected from an acoustic kit. The 12-inch snare drum has a mesh V-Pad, with dual-triggering technology, resulting accurate and even sensing between the head and rim. The hi-hat and toms have been similarly designed, and are designed to be lightweight and easily customisable to your setup. Finally, the kick drum offers fast, natural kick-drum triggering and is compatible with double bass pedals. Double bass pedals are sold seperately.

Superb Connectivity

Mix-in your favourite tracks to play along to using the jack input, or load your playlist from your computer onto a USB stick and plug in directly to the module. .WAV and .MP3 formats are fully supported.

You can connect this kit to other devices using MIDI cables, or to send MIDI signals to a computer you can go direct and use the built-in USB connector.

SubZero DR-30 Drum / Keyboard Monitor by Gear4music

This is a superb quality, full range monitor suitable for a wide variety of applications. The balanced sound from the 10" woofer and 3" tweeter allow this amp to be used effectively on electronic drum kits that need the extra high and low frequencies, as well as an excellent choice for synths, stage pianos and even acoustic guitars. The 2 band EQ allows you to tailor your sound whilst the send and return features allow you to connect any outboard equipment such as reverb or other effects units.

3m Jack - Jack Instrument Cable

The Jack - Jack Instrument Cable is a high quality 3 metre long cable fitted with chrome 1/4 inch mono jack plugs perfect for electronic instruments or equipment.

Quiklok DB3V Height Adjustable Drum Stool

The DB3V Drum Throne from Quiklok is a chrome plated drum stool with screw shaft height adjustment so you can find the position that's right for you. The extra thick padded seat provides hours of comfort during long practice sessions whilst the tripod style, non slip feet make sure no matter how hard you play the throne remains secure and stable.

Tama HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Series Single Drum Pedal

The Tama HP200P Iron Cobra single kick drum pedal offers high performance at an affordable price, with the Power Glide offset cam shape giving a smooth, light feel without sacrificing power or speed. The beater speeds up as it reaches the end of the stroke, for an extra powerful bass thump.

The pedal also features a specially-shaped nut to prevent the spring unit from loosening, ensuring that you won't have to keep adjusting the tension when you're playing. You can just set it how you want it and then forget about it.

High Grade Hi-Hat Stand by Gear4music

The Gear4music High Grade Hi-Hat Stand is A rugged, double braced stand with locking clutch that closely rivals its more expensive competitors.

3m Jack - Jack Instrument Cable

The Jack - Jack Instrument Cable is a high quality 3 metre long cable fitted with chrome 1/4 inch mono jack plugs perfect for electronic instruments or equipment.


Roland TD-30K V-Drums V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit

  • Expressive and accurate playability produced by Behavior Modeling
  • Compose your own tracks with the built-in sequencer
  • Professional V-Edit mode for customizing sounds
  • Compact, solid drum stand for professional studio requirements
  • SuperNATURAL Sound Engine - 'behaviour modelling' and advanced sensing for accurate, authentic reaction and the most true-to-life V-Drums ever created
  • 100 fully customisable drum kits on board with 1100 internal instruments to select from and tune/edit professional V-Edit system
  • Ambience Fader - complete control of the room, microphones and mixing to faithfully recreate any ambient environment for every drum kit
  • Individual mixer with TRS jack inputs for pads and 8 direct outputs for studio quality recording


Roland TD-30K V-Drums V-Pro Electronic Drum Kit

  • Width: 1,500 mm, 59-1/16 inches
  • Depth: 1,200 mm, 47-1/4 inches
  • Height:1,250 mm, 49-1/4 inches
  • Weight: 39 kg, 86 lbs
  • Floor Space Needed: 120cm x 150cm
  • Connectors:
    • 5 Extra Trigger 1/4" Jacks
    • 1/4" Mix-In Jack
    • 1/4" Footswitch Jack
    • 1/4" Headphone Jack
    • USB MIDI Port
    • USB Memory Port
  • Kit Configuration:
    • Drum Sound Module: TD-30
    • Stand: MDS-50K
    • Kick: KD-120BK
    • Snare: PD-125BK
    • Toms (x 3): PDX-100
    • Hi-Hat: VH-11
    • Cymbals:
      • Crash: CY-12C
      • Ride (for Crash): CY-13R
      • Ride: CY-15R

Subzero DR-30 Drum / Keyboard Monitor

  • Power Output: 30W RMS 1.0 THD into 8 Ohms
  • Speaker: 10" Woofer 3" Tweeter
  • Inputs: E-Drums, Line
  • Controls: 2 x Volume (one for each input), LOW, HIGH, Return level, Send Level, On/Off
  • Input Sensitivity: Normal 80mV, F = 1Khz.
  • Noise: -50dB (Gain Max)
  • Dimensions: 390mm (W) x 360mm (H) x 400mm (D) (15.3" x 14.1" x 15.7")
  • Weight: 15kg

Quiklok DB3V Height Adjustable Drum Stool

  • Seat Cushion Diameter: 11.8" - 30 cm
  • Seat Cushion Thickness: 65 mm
  • Height Position Range: 22.4" to 26.4" / 57 to 67cm
  • Diameter Of Footprint: 21.3" - 54cm
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs - 112kg
  • Weight: 9.1lb - 4.1kg

Tama HP200P Iron Cobra Single Pedal

  • Power Glide Offset Cam
  • Single Chain Drive
  • Beater Angle Adjustment
  • Spring Tension Adjustment