Steinberger Bass Guitars

Steinberger Bass Guitars are known for their unique headless design and ergonomic features. Steinberger basses are praised for their reliability and tuning stability due to the dense nature of the materials used like hard maple and carbon fibre. View all information

Steinberger Bass Guitars

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About Steinberger Bass Guitars

Steinberger strive to design and engineer the most state of the art guitar possible, using unique design features like removing the headstock and using materials like carbon fibre and graphite. Originally designed by brand owner Ned Steinberger in 1979 the shape and sound of the guitar was very popular in the early to late 80s.

Steinberger is owned by Gibson Corporation which improved the manufacturing rates and overall build quality of today's Steinberger guitars.

We also offer a range of Steinberger Electric Guitars.

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