ADJ Mr Kool Low Fog Machine

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  • Gives a Low-Flying Fog Effect
  • Similar To Dry Ice
  • Just Add Ice Cubes to Fog Juice Solution
  • Quickly Covers Large Areas
  • Self Cleaning Water Drainage System

ADJ Mr Kool Low Fog Machine

The ADJ Mr Kool Low Fog Machine is a fog machine that creates a distinct low-flying fog effect that stays close to the ground, similar to a dry ice effect.

Product Ref: 74861

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The Mr Kool Machine gives out a special low-flying dry ice fog effect by using the standard fog juice solution and ice cubes. No need to buy an extra machine or bottle of solution for dry ice, simply use the same solution, but just add ice cubes.

Included on the machine is a non-removable timer remote that has an on/off switch. If you want a specific amount of fog to come out for a certain amount of time, then this can monitor it perfectly so that you only use what you want to use, without wasting any of your juice. The included chiller box has space for 2kg of ice so no need for constant refills.

This special and distinct effect is perfect for halloween and theatrical events. To save time, the machine has a water drainage valve system that is a quick and easy clean-up system. Water directly drains into the provided plasticbag, so you can have all the fun without the hassle.


  • Low-lying fog stays low to the ground similar to a dry ice effect
  • Uses standard fog juice and ice cubes
  • No need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice
  • Includes non-removable timer remote with On/off switch
  • Perfect for Halloween and theatrical events
  • Load up to 2 kg of ice in the chiller box
  • Water drainage valve system allows for easy cleanup. Water drains directly into the provided plastic bag.


  • Heater: 400W
  • Fog fluid container: 1/2 litre (external)
  • Dimensions: 490(L) x 315(W) x 260(H) mm
  • Weight: 8 kg