Sabian AA 15'' Medium Thin Crash Cymbal

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Sabian AA 15'' Medium Thin Crash Cymbal


The Sabian AA 15'' Medium Thin Crash cymbal provides fast responses, with sufficient metal content for full, bright and explosive sounds. Vintage bright sounds and tonally full, this cymbal combines thin sensitivity with medium-weight power.

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Retro Sound

Get back to the 50s, the 60s and the 70s. Retro, reverse, classic... Get back to the times when British beat groups powered the radio and took over TV, power and punk poured out of Detroit, soul music was a sensation, jam bands ruled the West Coast, and horndriven jazz/rock blew power trios and psychedelia off the charts. Get back with the Vintage Bright sounds of AA.

AA is all about classic sounds, so the Core Models for this series are those that add up to a vary versatile set-up for playing virtually any music. The Medium-Thin Crash may be the most popular, but many players also choose the Thin Crash. If you want a more powerful and defined ride, try 21" AA Raw Bell Dry Ride or AA Rock Ride. If you like the idea of your cymbals being matched by the specialists in the SABIAN Vault, consider a "Sonically Matched" set.


  • Style: Vintage
  • Sound: Vintage Bright
  • Metal: B20
  • Pitch: Level 5 ( AA)
  • Finish: Natural or Brilliant
  • Weight: Medium - Thin

"AA is kinda like the Beatles, Cream and Hendrix. Its from a different time, but still sounds amazing today" Chad Smith

"There is something about that bright AA tone and great feel... and I can lay a beating on them and they last like you wouldn t believe. AA has durability with that sweet sound. It's a package made in heaven". Gene Hoglan