Roland Rubix44 USB Audio Interface

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  • Compact, Portable USB Audio Interface
  • 4 Low-Noise Mic/Line Preamps
  • Hi-Z Instrument Input
  • Built-In Hardware Compressor/Limiter
  • Complete With Ableton Live Lite

Roland Rubix44 USB Audio Interface

The Roland Rubix44 USB Audio Interface is a compact and highly portable, 4-in/4-out interface featuring 4 low-noise microphone preamps and a front panel Hi-Z instrument input. The Roland Rubix44 delivers high-resolution sound at an affordable price, ideal for capturing studio-grade recordings wherever you are. The dual low-noise mic preamps are ideal for capturing high-quality vocals from condenser microphones, with the interface supporting audio resolutions up to 24-bit/192kHz. The resulting sound is clean, precise and rich, thanks to its low-noise design and high quality components. The Rubix44 Audio Interface combines portability with simplicity, resulting in a streamlined audio interface that is easy to use and compatible with Mac, PC and iPad.

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Portable, Studio-Grade Performance

The Roland Rubix44 USB Audio Interface is compact yet mighty, with its ultra-portable design meaning you can take your interface wherever you go, perfect for spontaneous recording sessions and more. The studio-grade audio supports resolutions ranging up to 24-bit/192kHz for optimal audio performance and quality. The immense clarity and transparency, the Rubix44 delivers ensures you capture every nuance of your source material as it was intended, ideal for both instruments and vocal recordings. The four low-noise mic/line preamps feature XLR combo jacks and built-in 48V Phantom Power for connecting condenser microphones for studio-grade recordings. The single Hi-Z instrument input gives you the ability to capture high-level inputs such as electric guitars, meaning you can capture everything you need at any time.

Built-In Compressor/Limiter

One of the most unique and useful features of the Rubix44 USB Interface is the integrated hardware compressor/limiter. When recording dynamic sources like vocals and percussion, usually the levels may need taming. The built-in dynamic processors ensure a good hot signal without clipping or distortion for optimal audio quality.

Versatile Connectivity

The four high-quality microphone preamps are low in noise and deliver the highest definition audio performance for clean and transparent recordings. This is paramount for studio recordings as it ensures a flat and uniformed waveform, which you can edit and manipulate to bring out the best in your audio. The flexible combo jacks on the preamps allows you to connect a wide variety of sources including line instruments such as keyboards. In addition to the dual microphone preamps, there are also MIDI In/Out ports for connecting MIDI instruments and outputting to external devices such as MIDI interfaces. The Rubix44 USB Audio Interface also provides seamless integration with Mac and PC computers and even features support for iPads, making it one of most versatile audio interfaces on the market.

Ergonomic Design & Free Software

The ergonomic design of the Rubix44 makes it ideal for quick and easy monitoring, with the big clear level indicators allowing you make precise changes to your levels without having to be close to the interface. The large rotary knobs also allow you to dial in the precise amount of volume for each of your microphone inputs and the Rubix44 interface even features a front-panel headphone output for monitoring your levels privately. The robust construction of the interface ensures optimal sturdiness and durability, with its metal exterior designed for longevity. The rear of the interface even features a switchable power source, allowing you to choose between USB hub power and 5V DC power for added versatility. Additionally, the Roland Rubix44 comes complete with a copy of Ableton Live Lite, allowing you to start recording, editing and arranging music straight out of the box.


  • 4-in/4-out USB audio interface
  • 4 low-noise mic preamps with XLR combo jacks
  • Hi-Z input for guitar and other high impedance sources
  • MIDI In/Out ports
  • Extensively shielded, low-noise design
  • Sturdy and compact metal construction
  • Big, easy-to-read indicators show vital information
  • Low latency, class compliant drivers
  • Ground lifts for quiet operation in a variety of venues
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite