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Ampeg Milestones

1960 Ampeg introduces the Portaflex bass amp. Tuned and front-ported, with a closed back, the Portaflex sets a new standard for tone, cabinet and speaker efficiency, and convenience in bass amplification.

1966 Ampeg introduce electric basses which fondly recall the upright bass with scroll shaped headstocks, f-holes and the Mystery Pickup!

1969 Ampeg launch the 300 watt SVT tube amp at the NAMM show and the Rolling Stones take it on tour in 69 and 72.

1988 Ampeg creates a nine foot tall, 720 pound giant SVT amp which the Guiness Book of World Records names the World's Largest Working Amplifier!

Ampeg News

News: The Strokes Are Back!

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12 May 2015 13:05

Ampeg Announces V-4B All-Tube Bass Head ReIssue

The original V-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head has been reissued as the V-4B, delivering pure all-tube tone and an unmistakable grind.... More  »

14 Aug 2013 15:55

Musikmesse 2011 VIDEO: Ampeg GVT Guitar Amps get a demonstration and overview of the new Ampeg GVT guitar amp series at Musikmesse 2011.... More  »

6 Apr 2011 18:20