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Electric guitars and guitar equipment - want something new? Shop online for your new guitar setup. Pick from solid body, semi-acoustic, and hollow body styles to get your ideal electric guitar. We stock all the major guitar brands like Fender, Gibson, and Ibanez. Alongside electric guitars, you'll find amps and pedals from Marshall, Vox, and Orange.

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Electric Guitars - Things to Consider

What is an Electric Guitar?

The electric guitar is a stringed instrument that uses magnetic pickups to make a sound. By turning the vibrations of strings into a signal, the sound of the instrument can be amplified and changed. This is done through a guitar amplifier and guitar pedals.

Not all guitars sound the same. The type of pickups, strings, wood, and body style all dictate the sound a guitar makes. One of the most important decisions a guitarist can make is whether to get a solid body, semi-hollow, or hollow body guitar. A solid body has a cutting tone with plenty of sustain, whereas a hollow body has a warmer, more rounded sound.

A middle-ground is the semi-hollow, which is a hollow body with a big block of wood running through the middle. These offer more of the bark of a solid body, whilst providing some of the resonance found in hollow bodies.

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What is the Best Starter Electric Guitar?

The best starter electric guitar is one you, or the person you're buying for, want to pick up and play every day. Consider what type of music the player likes and are likely to be playing. Do some research into what type of music the prospective guitar and amp suit best.

Practical advice for picking a guitar would be, find one that is the right size for the player. We offer a range of different sizes to everybody. Other than that, it’s down to your budget and don’t forget you will need an amp!

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What is the Difference Between an Electric and Acoustic?

The key difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic is how they make a sound. Electrics use pickups and acoustics rely on a ‘soundboard’ a hollowed out body, and a sound hole to amplify the vibration of the strings. The most important difference though is what you want to sound like and what you prefer. A guitar that you want to pick up and play will always be one that makes you practice more – which is the only way to get better at guitar!

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