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Pearl’s mission, since 1945, has been to be the best: to have the quality, functionality, durability and sound. Pearl’s research is uncompromised when it comes to the pursuit of being the best. They are determined to explore new and advanced materials for shells and the innovative ways of shell-making techniques (such as their Superior Shell Technology) is relentless and persistent. View all information

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Pearl is one of the world's leading manufacturers of acoustic drum kits and percussion instruments. Their kits are used by some of the biggest names in the drumming world spanning all musical genres from Joey Jordison of metal outfit Slipknot to Chad Smith of the funk rock outfit Red Hot Chilli Peppers. stock a large selection of Pearl drums such as the renowned Pearl Forum drum kits, described as the best entry-level drum sets in the world, Pearl's Rhythm Traveler kits, renowned for their ground breaking concept as a practice and gigging kit and the Pearl Vision and Masterwork drum kits ideal for intermediate up to professional drummers.

Pearl News

The Pearl e/MERGE Electronic Drum Kit Emerges from a New Collaboration Between Pearl and KORG

Pearl's new e/MERGE electronic drum kit is powered with KORG technology and marks the first collaboration between these market-leading companies.... More  »

4 May 2018 16:55

NAMM 2018: Pearl Upgrades the Session Series Plus the New COOP3RDRUMM3R Igniter Snare

Pearl has released the Session Series Studio Select Drums with improved construction, Plus the Youtuber COOP3RDRUMM3R 's signature Igniter Snare aims to "instantly improve the sound of any drum kit"... More  »

25 Jan 2018 09:10

NAMM 2017: Pearl Masterworks Sonic Select

With extensive research conducted into how to make a kit that truly caters to the player and their specific needs, Pearl hit a home run with these one of a kind custom kits... More  »

20 Jan 2017 12:52