Korg microKORG Synthesizer

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  • Miniature Analogue Modelling Synth with Vocoder
  • Full Range of Effects - Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Ensemble
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Microphone Included
  • Compact & Portable Design

Korg microKORG Synthesizer


The Korg microKorg is a great sounding miniature analogue modelling synth with Vocoder. The microKORG boasts the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine found in Korg s critically acclaimed MS2000 and offers a wider selection of waveforms than any other modeled synth.

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Powerful Analog Sound

The Korg microKORG Synthesizer incorporates all the expertise and design aspects that Korg is renowned for, fitting them in this compact yet powerful synthesizer and vocoder. At the heart of the microKORg is the analog modelling tone generator, using the same DSP system as the MS-2000. The DSP analog modelling system is critically acclaimed for its analog warmth and sound-quality. The tone generator offers a wide range of waveforms, as well as filters envelopes, LFOs, effects, modulation and more. The intuitive design lets you edit and sculpt sounds on the fly, ideal for both studio applications and live performances.

Two Analog Oscillators

There are eight oscillator types in total including: Sawtooth wave, square wave, triangle wave, sine wave, Vox wave, DWGS x 64, Noise and Audio In. The voice of the microKorg consists of two oscillators, with OSC1 providing basic analog waveforms. The second oscillators allows you to apply ring or sync modulation, allowing you to create complex sounds with depth.

Integrated Vocoder With Microphone

One of the most prominent features of the microKORG is the integrated vocoder and microphone. This highly versatile vocoder delivers a distinctive sound, applying the tonal character of your vocals to the sound of an oscillator; for a truly unique sound and playing experience. The eight-band vocoder features sixteen filter in total, used in pairs. Its designed to emulate the classic sound of vintage vocoders, as well as shift filter frequencies and adjust the levels and panning, resulting in completely original sounds. A unique feature of the microKORG is the ability to ‘freeze’ the current tone of the vocoder, by using the Formant Hold Key. This allows you to play the current vocoder sound even when you're not speaking into the microphone. You can also save this tone to the program memory, allowing you to recall it at any time.

Premium-Grade Effects Section

The microKORG also boasts a high-quality effects section, boasting a wide variety of premium-grade effects, which you can use to add character and depth to the sounds you create. The microKorg provides three types of modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Ensemble. There are also three types of delay effects as well as a two-band EQ for bringing out the best from your own sounds. The effects section also boasts a settable arpeggiator, with six arpeggio patterns in total. You can also adjust the length and resolution of the arpeggiator notes. The delay effects can also be synced with the arpeggiator or a MIDI clock, ideal for live performances.

Programs & Controls

As well as being able to create your own sounds, the microKORG boasts 128 programs ready for immediate use. The programs consist of a wide range of current and classic synth and vocoder sounds. The large rotary control at the program select section, allows you to select different genres in relation to your sounds. Simply select the music style/sound category and select the sound you require. From here you can edit the sounds to your choosing.

Design & Connectivity

The compact and portable design of the microKORG makes it ideal for use on the road. Employing a vintage aesthetic, the microKORG stays true to its routes with its classic style and look. The 37-note, velocity-sensitive keybed is ideal for both synth players and classic pianists, giving you that authentic feel, and expression. The ergonomic layout allows you to create sounds with ease, with dedicated controls for nearly every section of the synthesizer. It also boasts MIDI connectivity for connecting to external equipment, as well as for use with computers. A headphone output is also included for private listening and playing.


  • A true synthesizer with an analog modeling tone generator
  • Powerful-sounding oscillator section
  • Knife-sharp filter section An amp section with great presence and distortion
  • EG and LFO add subtle tonal movement
  • Virtual patches for even more sophisticated sound-editing
  • Versatile and distinctive vocoder
  • 128 programs for immediate use
  • A full range of effects
  • Freely settable arpeggiator
  • Process an external audio source via the audio inputs
  • MIDI controller functionality
  • Controls designed for easy access
  • Pop and distinctive looks, and an included mini-mic


  • Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling Synthesis System
  • Synthesizer Program: Multi Timbral: 2 (max, Normal/Dual Mode)
  • Voices: 4 voices
  • Sound Source: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator, Multi Mode Filter (-24dB/oct LPF, -12dB/oct LPF/BPF/HPF), EG x2, LFO x2, Virtual Patch x4
  • Vocoder Program: Voices: 4 voices
  • Sound Source: 1 Oscillator + Noise Generator, EG x1, LFO x2, 8 Channels vocoder, Level and pan of each channel can be edited, Formant Shift function
  • General Specifications: Programs: 128 programs
  • Effects: Modulation effects (3 types), Delay (3 types), Equalizer
  • Arpeggiator: 6 types
  • Keyboard: 37 Keys (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive)
  • Inputs: AUDIO IN 1, and 2
  • Level switch: LINE/MIC, [AUDIO IN 1, 2 (LINE)], [AUDIO IN 2 (MIC)]
  • Outputs: L/MONO, R and Headphones
  • MIDI: IN, OUT and THRU
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