Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface

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  • Expand Any Live and Studio Setup
  • 9 Fully Automated and Touch-Sensitive Motorised Faders
  • Built-In 2x2 USB MIDI Interface
  • 8 Rotary Controls and 8 LCD Scribble Strips
  • Support for HUI and Mackie Control Protocols

Behringer X-Touch Universal Control Surface


The Behringer X-Touch Control Surface is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment and allows you to expand your setup in both live performance and studio environments. Featuring 9 touch-sensitive motorised faders, 8 dynamic LCD scribble strips, 92 illuminated buttons and 8-segment LED meters per channel, the Behringer X-Touch provides precision control and an intuitive view of critical mix parameters. Complete with a built-in 2x2 USB MIDI interface, the X-Touch Control Surface can be used with Mac or PC computers and one external MIDI device.

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Full Description

View Full Description

Extensive Universal Control

The X-Touch is equipped with a plethora of tools designed to bring the flexibility of your DAW right to your fingertips. With 9 touch-sensitive motorized faders, 8 dynamic LCD scribble strips, 8 rotary encoders, 92 illuminated buttons, 8-segment LED meters on each channel, and dedicated transport controls, the X-Touch allows you to achieve incredible in-depth physical management over your projects. The X-Touch enables you to make precise adjustments of critical parameters whilst providing you with a clear and efficient workflow. This powerful and intuitive design supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols, allowing for seamless integration with all compatible music production software. The X-Touch is also equipped with a built-in 2x2 USB MIDI interface for connecting to your Mac or PC, as well as one external MIDI device.

Dynamic & Inspiring Hardware

The X-Touch is incredibly elegant in both its technological capabilites and its aesthetics. The sleek design plays host to 9 fully-automated and touch-sensitive 100mm motorized faders that react in real-time to any movement or automation you carry out, perfectly synchronised with your DAW for immensely accurate results. The X-Touch also features a large jog/shuttle wheel, as well as tape-style transport controls that deliver a familiar feel with modern-day precision. This ergonomic controller offers an efficient and effective workflow that is perfectly suited to a wide variety of applications.

Intuitive Lighting & Displays

The X-Touch's user-friendly interface features handy LCD scribble strips at the top of each channel fader. These scribble strips provide instant visual readouts of the tracks and parameters that you are working with. The X-Touch is also equipped with over 92 dedicated illuminated buttons, 8 rotary controls with vibrant LED collars, 8-segment LED meters on each channel, and an LED time code display. This extensive selection of lighting provides intuitive visual feedback as well as quick-references for track/parameter statuses in environments where lighting is sparse. The X-Touch enables rapid and satisfying physical control over your project, dramatically improving workflow efficiency within your DAW over the use of a mouse.

Versatile Connectivity

The X-Touch boasts class-compliant USB functionality, ensuring that your controller is instantly recognizable across Mac and Windows computers. As well as USB capabilities, the X-Touch features a 5-pin MIDI port, enabling you to utilise an external MIDI device, and an Ethernet port for connecting across a wireless network. Dedicated footswitch connectors plus a single foot controller also provide you with the ability to control the X-Touch remotely, whilst a powered multi-TT USB hub allows you to connect up to 2 extra controllers for additional functionality and expansion.

Tracktion Audio Production Software

Designed as one of the fastest and most user-friendly DAWs in the world for a wide array of purposes, Tracktion is perfectly suited for use with the X-Touch. When you register your X-Touch at, you will qualify for a free download code for the full version of Tracktion. This powerful software package is packed full of a huge selection of professional DAW features including dynamic automation, unlimited track count, MIDI recording, and full VST/AU plug-in support. Tracktion is an incredibly flexible tool, perfectly suited to musicians, composers, artists, engineers and more.


  • Universal DAW remote control for studio and live applications
  • Supports HUI and Mackie Control protocols for seamless integration with every compatible music production software
  • 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorised faders
  • 8 dynamic LCD Scribble Strips for instant overview of track names and parameters
  • Ethernet interface for RTP (Real-Time Protocol) MIDI and Behringer X32 remote control
  • 8 rotary controls with LED-collars for on-the-fly adjustments of your favorite parameters
  • 92 dedicated illuminated buttons for direct access of key functions
  • 8-segment LED meters per channel for precise level control
  • Large jog/shuttle wheel and tape-style transport controls for intuitive operation
  • Built-in 2x2 USB MIDI interface for direct connection to Mac or PC computers and one external MIDI device
  • 2 dedicated footswitch connectors and one foot controller input for external remote control
  • 2-port powered multi-TT USB hub for connecting additional controllers
  • ''Planet Earth'' switching power supply for maximum flexibility and low power consumption
  • Designed and engineered in Germany


  • Controls:
    • Rotary/Push: 8 with LED Collar
    • Buttons: 92 with LED Backlight
    • Faders: 9 Motorised Faders, 100mm, Touch-Sensitive
    • Wheel: 1 Jog/Shuttle
  • Display:
    • Time: 10 x 7-Segment LED
    • Channel Assignment: 2 x 7-Segment LED
    • Channel Level: 8-Segment LED with SIG and CLIP
    • Channel Display: 8 x Colour LCD Scribble Strip
  • MIDI Input: 5-Pin
  • MIDI Output: 5-Pin
  • USB Connector: USB 2.0, Type B
  • Ethernet: RJ45
  • Power Supply: Internal Switch Mode, 100V - 240V
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 452mm x 301mm / 3.9'' x 17.8'' x 11.9'' (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 4.3kg / 9.4lbs
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