Yamaha HPHMT7W Studio Monitor Headphones, White

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  • CCAW Voice Coils for Large Frequency Response
  • Synthetic Leather Cushion Pads for Great Comfort
  • Pivotal, Height Adjustable Arms
  • Rigid Die-Cast Aluminum Support-Arms
  • Balanced, True Sound Ideal for Studio

Yamaha HPHMT7W Studio Monitor Headphones, White

The Yamaha HPH-MT7W Headphones are designed to pick up every sound that the artist produces and relay it to you in a balanced, even distribution. This means you get the same sounds coming out as the ones put in, giving a true listening experience. The MT7s are great as studio monitor headphones due to their balanced sound, so you can get an honest mix for recording situations. They’re also good for live settings thanks to their robust build and low resistance cushion pads that give high levels of isolation. Yamaha live up to their outstanding reputation from the HPH series with the MT7 headphones.

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The Sound Starts on the Inside

Headphones need to produce high quality sound for all styles and genres of listening, so Yamaha have equipped the MT7s with custom drivers to produce a broad frequency response of 15Hz to 25kHz. This, along with the CCAW voice coils and high grade components, make for a great listening experience that can be as diverse as your music. Yamaha have specifically designed the shape of the HPH-MT7s to complement acoustic resonance so that your audio isn’t rattled by the close space.

Premium Comfort

The HPH-MT7s’ smart exterior means they fit into any audio environment. The synthetic leather and low resistance cushions on large ear pads give all round comfort, and also stop the sound from leaking, which can be a major concern in all locations. Each arm is based on a three dimensional pivot and adjustable slider, meaning the MT7s can work around the listener, not the listener working around them. The frame is made of die-cast aluminium and the sweat-resistant headband ensures that the Yamaha HPH-MT7s will last a long time, whatever environment they’re in.


  • 40mm custom drivers with CCAW voice coils deliver a broad frequency range and accurate response
  • Closed-back, circumaural design for excellent isolation
  • Smooth synthetic leather and large low-resistance cushions ensure stress-free wearability and high levels of isolation
  • Three-dimensional arm pivot construction and adjustable slider length alleviate fatigue when working for extended periods
  • Moveable earcups allow single-ear monitoring
  • Thick ABS housing and rigid die-cast aluminium support-arms for use in the toughest working environments
  • Straight 3m cable suitable for use in a wide variety of applications
  • Convenient carrying bag included


  • Type: Closed-back, Over Ear
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 195 mm
    • Width: 170 mm
    • Depth: 98 mm
  • Weight: 360 Grams
  • Frequency Response:15Hz – 25kHz
  • Sound Pressure Level: 99 dB/mW
  • Maximum Input Power: 1600 mW (at 1kHz)
  • Impedance: 49 Ohms
  • Driver Unit: 40 mm, Dynamic, CCAW Voice Coil
  • Cable: 3.0 Metres
  • Connector: 1/8’’ Stereo with 1/4’’ Stereo Adapter
  • Accessories: Padded Bag, 1/4'' Gold Plated Adapter