Studiologic SL Mixface

  • 8-Channel DAW & Controller Mixer
  • Fader, Encoder & Button Controls On Each Channel
  • Ideal For Controlling Volume, FX, Automation and More
  • Dedicated Transport Buttons
  • Built-In OLED Display & USB Bus-Powered

Studiologic SL Mixface

The Studiologic SL Mixface is a compact and highly portable mixer controller designed for controlling parameters and controls within your favourite DAW. The SL Mixface combines an intuitive design with a powerful engine to create this compact mixing controller. The mixer is comprised of 8 channels, each with their own fader and dedicated encoder. These faders can be used for hands-on mixing when it comes to processing your music. It provides auto-mapping support for Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Motu Digital Performer and Presonus Studio One. It also features dedicated transport controls for navigating your software.

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Full Description

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Intuitive 8-Channel DAW Mixer

The SL Mixface from Studiologic features 8 channels in total (can be up to 16) each boasting their own dedicated faders and rotary controls. The SL Mixface is the perfect solution for providing a hands-on mixing experience at home. The compact and highly portable design, means you can take the Mixface with you wherever you go, allowing you to mix your projects with ease. The faders are perfect for controlling volume within your DAW’s mixer, but can also be used for controlling automation, panning and more. The rotary encoders are ideal for controlling FX, automation, channel volume and more.

Dedicated Transport Buttons

The Mixface also boasts dedicated transport controls, allowing you to easily navigate your DAW software. The transport control section features buttons for next track, previous track, stop/start and record. There are also other controls included above the main four buttons including: set market, next market, previous marker and cycle. Each track features 2 controls including a knob, slider and button, accompanied by a master slider so you can change the overall volume of your mix. It features 12 user presets so you can save and recall your settings, this is great for live performances allowing you to save settings for certain songs or sections of your set.

DAW & Control Modes

You can switch between Control and DAW modes at the touch of a button. Each mode is specially designed to cater to both DAWs and your favourite instruments. In DAW mode the Mixface is prepared for use with your digital audio workstation, enabling all transport buttons to control your interface and more. In Control Mode the Mixface toggles its setting to cater to your favourite instruments. This opens up a world of advanced control for your favourite instruments, from MIDI controllers to drum machines and more.

Compact & Highly Portable

The compact yet robust design makes it perfect for musicians on the move, giving you a main controller for your DAW anywhere you go. It will improve your workflow tenfold, with its intuitive design and seamless integration with popular DAWs. It even features auto-mapped buttons for Ableton Live (included) Steinberg Cubase, Motu Digital Performer and Presonus Studio One. It also is perfectly matched with the SL controller line, expanding its control section. The magnetic system allows you to stick the Mixface on your controller with ease. It also includes support for both USB and Bluetooth connections.


  • 8-channel DAW mixer and keyboard controller mixer
  • Each channel features fader and encoder
  • Ideal for mixing and mastering applications
  • Faders and encoders perfect for controlling volume, FX, automation, panning and more
  • Built-in OLED display
  • USB bus-powered
  • Dedicated transport buttons
  • Auto-mapping settings for Ableton Live, Motu Digital Performer, Steinberg Cubase, Presonus Studio One
  • DAW & Control modes for both audio software and controllers
  • Dedicated transport controls
  • Compact and highly portable design


  • Display: OLED display 128 x 64 dots
  • Navigation: Encoder
  • Controls: 8 Knobs, 9 Sliders, 8 Buttons
  • Buttons: Rec, Mute, Solo, Select
  • Controls: 3 controls for each Track (Knob, Slider, Button)
  • Other: Master slider
  • Transport: Play/Stop, Record, Next track, Previous Track, Set marker, Next marker, Previous marker, Cycle
  • Supported DAWs: Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Motu Digital Performer, Presonus Studio One
  • User Presets: 12
  • Integration: SL Controllers
  • Zones: 4
  • Sets: 16 (Knob, Slider & Button)
  • Master Sliders: 2
  • USB: Micro USB (Device)
  • Other: USB Host
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 Low Energy
Power & Battery
  • Power:,/b> USB Powered (when connected via USB)
  • Other: USB Host
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 Low Energy
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 26.2 x 13 x 3.6 cm
  • Weight: 570g (without batteries)