Pioneer DJ Interface 2 for Rekordbox DVS

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  • 2-Channel USB Audio Interface For DJs
  • Specialised For Use With Rekordbox DVS & DJ Software
  • Crystal-Clear Audio With Sample Rates Up To 96kHz
  • Can Also Be Used To Convert Analog Sources
  • Includes RB-VS1-K Time Coded Vinyl

Pioneer DJ Interface 2 for Rekordbox DVS

The Pioneer DJ Interface 2 is a highly compact, 2-channel audio interface designed for use with Rekordbox DVS. The interface boasts exceptional audio fidelity, thanks to the premium-grade D/A converter, allowing you to generate audio up to 96kHz. This allows you to capture your mixes in extreme detail, ensuring every transition and blend is heard as it was intended. As well as being ideal for capturing DJ sets, the Pioneer DJ Interface 2 can also be used to convert your vinyl (or other analog source) to a digital format. This means you can transfer and digitise your vinyl collection for use in sets or for your own listening pleasure. The interface comes complete with two RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl for vinyl users, or it can be used with a custom control signal for CD or USB players.

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Crystal-Clear Audio Quality

The Pioneer DJ Interface 2 for Rekordbox DVS boasts professional-grade D/A converters, capturing your DJ sets in immense detail. The DJ Interface 2 allows you to capture your sets with optimal clarity, thanks to the sample rate ranging up to 96kHz. The high-grade audio provides a club-standard sound, which will easily translate to popular audio formats for uploads to your fans. This interface is specially designed to work with Rekordbox DVS and Rekordbox DJ, allowing you to access and control the music from your own Rekordbox library. The interface also comes complete with a free licence for both Rekordbox DVS and Rekordbox DJ to get you started straight away.

Convert Your Vinyl Records

As well as being perfect for capturing your DJ sets, the Pioneer DJ Interface is also perfect for converting your analog sources to digital formats. This means you can use the interface to digitise your vinyl record collection, or any other analog source. You can then use the songs for your own personal rekordbox library, or for your own private collection. The interface requires no additional equipment such as amplifiers or connection leads, simply connect your interface to the relevant analog source and you are ready to convert your music in real-time.

Compact & Highly Portable Design

The highly compact size of the Pioneer DJ interface 2 makes it highly portable and ideal for use on the move. The robust chassis gives you peace of mind while on the move, with the seamless aluminium casing withstanding the rigors of live use. The extended edges of the interface also help o protect the terminals for added durability. It includes handy LED indicators on the top panel, providing you with a visual indication of the signal flow. When the signal level is too high or too low the LEDs will let you know instantly. You can also power the interface via USB or via the AC adapter, ensuring you can use your interface at any time. You can also use the interface with a range of players form vinyl to CDs, coming complete with two RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl for vinyl users.


  • DJ interface designed for Rekordbox DVS & DJ software
  • Crystal-clear audio fidelity with high-quality D/A coverters
  • Three selectable sample rates ranging up to 96kHz
  • Highly compact and robust construction
  • Portable enough to fit in any backpack
  • Can also be used to convert vinyl records to digital format
  • Can be powered by USB or via AC adapter (included)
  • Highly sturdy signal integrity
  • DVS options, includes RB-VS1-K time coded vinyl
  • LED indicators for signal flow


  • DVS Control: Rekordbox DVS
  • USB Bus Powered: Yes
  • Included Software:
    • Rekordbox DJ
    • Rekordbox DVS
  • Included Accessories:
    • Power cord
    • AC adaptor
    • USB cable
    • Quick Start Guide
    • 4 Audio cables
    • 4 Rubber feet
    • 2 Control Vinyl
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 141 mm x 32.5 mm x 127.8 mm
  • Weight: 0.6kg
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • S/N Ratio:
    • 112 dB (USB)
    • 103 dB (LINE)
    • 100 dB (PHONO)
  • Distortion:
    • < 0.002 (USB)
    • < 0.005 (LINE)
    • 0.007 percent (PHONO)
  • Inputs: 2 PHONO/LINE (RCA)
  • USB: 1 USB B port
  • Outputs: 2 Line (RCA)
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