M-Audio HDH50 High Definition Headphones

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  • Studio-Grade Quality, Tuning, and Frequency Response
  • High Definition 50mm Neodymium Drivers
  • Superb Audio Reproduction
  • Robust Gunmetal Aluminium and Steel Construction
  • Around-Ear, Closed-Back Design Prevents Sound Leakage

M-Audio HDH50 High Definition Headphones

The M-Audio HDH50 High-Definition Headphones are premium-grade headphones providing pristine sound quality, ideal for a range of applications. At the heart of the headphones are 50mm Neodymium drivers providing exceptional sonic accuracy, capturing every subtle nuance from your music. The reference-grade audio is ideal for mixing and mastering applications, as well as being suitable for audiophiles. The wide frequency response and extra-large drivers results in high-definition sound with authentic bass response. The HDH50 are also designed for maximum comfort boasting a lightweight design and plush leather cushioning for minimised listening fatigue.

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Reference-Grade Audio Fidelity

M-Audio are renowned for their expertise in the professional audio world, delivering exceptional audio fidelity on all their products. The HDH50 bridges the gap between studio monitors and private monitoring. The combination of premium-grade components and a sleek, comfortable desig make the HDH50s perfect for a wide variety of audio applications. At the heart of the headphones are neodymium drivers providing a full-range frequency response. This ensures maximum clarity, capturing every subtle nuance from your source audio.

Exceptional Sonic Detail

The neodymium drivers are specially picked to provide a wide frequency range. The oversized drivers deliver a powerful bass response, ideal for private monitoring when it comes to mixing down a song. It also provides a highly accurate stage-wide stereo image, making it perfect for the mastering process. This allows you to mix with maximum precision, allowing you to check your mix on an unbiased medium for added flexibility.

Plush Earpads & Lightweight Construction

As well as providing high-defintion audio, the HDH50s are designed for maximum comfort. Comfortable headphones are a necessity when it comes to long recording and mixing sessions. It helps to minimise listening fatigue, so you can wear the headphones for longer. The plush leather cushioning and overstuffed padding on the earcups and headband provides exceptional comfort. The closed-back construction also helps to isolate your audio for a more focused sound.


  • Premium build quality and tuning with 12Hz-24kHz frequency response
  • Powerful 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets offer an immersive audio experience
  • Built to last with rugged aluminum and steel construction
  • Plush leather cushioning with a comfortable over-the-ear design
  • Audio cable with 1/4" adapter included
  • Communication cable with built-in microphone included