Genelec 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitor (Pair)

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  • Genelec MDC Technology
  • Accurate Imaging and Improved Sound
  • Smooth Frequency Response
  • Modern Waveguide Technology
  • Award Winning Monitor Series

Genelec 8260A Tri-Amplified DSP Monitor (Pair)


The new Genelec 8260A 3-way DSP system Studio Monitor is a masterpiece in electro-acoustic design which features major advances in audio driver technology integrated to a sophisticated enclosure design.

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Tri-Amplified Design

The Genelec 8206A features three amplifiers for optimised performance value. Typically, most studio monitors features a 2-way loudspeaker system with the active crossover requiring two power amplifiers each driving the tweeter or the woofer individually. The tri-amplified design ensures optimal audio performance and fidelity, by assigning each of the three frequency bands with their own individual amplifier. The 390W in total power output ensures a powerful and responsive audio reproduction, highly sought after when it comes to studio monitoring.

Ideal For Mixing and Mastering

The exceptional audio quality and wide frequency range ensures you hear every nuance of the original audio as it was intended, this is paramount when it comes to mixing and mastering as you are able to hear every subtlety that other studio monitors may miss. The tri-amplified design also helps to optimise the frequency band’s response, with a separate amplifier assigned to each band (woofer, mids, tweeter). The included Iso-Pod base helps to decouple the speaker form its mounting surface, minimising colourations caused by vibrations and reflections. Also featured is DSP signal processing which is responsible for all the speakers controls such as the driver EQ, driver positioning alignment, room response alignment, calibration and more. This gives you optimal control over your studio monitor and the way it sounds, allowing you to cater the monitors audio to the room or space youre are mixing in for optimised audio fidelity.

Directivity Control Waveguide Technology

DCW Technology is a revolutionary innovation developed by Genelec for more than 30 years, designed to improve the performance of direct radiating multi-way monitors. The Directivity Control Waveguide works by shaping the emitted wavefront in a control way, providing predictable tailoring of the directivity (dispersion) pattern. The result is exceptional flatness and an outstanding frequency response, as well as a uniformed power response. This helps to eliminate any early reflections, providing a wide and controlled listening area for optimal sound reproduction on and an off-axis. In turn, the DCW technology also improves stereo and sound stage imaging for increase performance as well as increased system maximum sound pressure level capacity.

Construction & Connectivity

The Genelec 8206A features a range of design and construction aspects that helps to achieve the optimal audio quality and sleek aesthetic the Genelc 8206As produce. One of the most unique design aspects of the studio monitors is the advanced reflex port design which helps to extend the low frequency response for added depth in the lower range. This is ideal for mixing and mastering applications as it gives you more of a feel for the bottom end, allowing you to hear the subtle nuances of the lower range. The monitors enclosure utilises MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) technology for uncoloured sound reproduction. The curved cabinet surfaces is designed to maximise the internal volume for improved low frequency efficiency as well as providing EMC shielding and excellent heat sink for the three amplifiers. The Genelec 8260A also features a range of digital and analog connectivity for optimal flexibility. Connect the speakers to a range of external devices including mixers and more using the XLR female analog input. Also included are a XLR AES/EBU digital Input and a XLR AES/EBU Digital Thru Connector allowing you to connect the monitors to a range of external digital devices.


  • Input format: Analog and Digital
  • Input word length: 16 -24 bits
  • Digital Input: AES/EBU (single/dual wire)
  • Connector type: XLR female input
  • Input sampling rate: 32 -192 kHz
  • Control network: Proprietary Genelec Loudspeaker Manager network (GLM™)
  • System calibration: AutoCal™, GLM™ manual, Stand-alone
  • Crossover frequencies: 490 Hz, 3 kHz
  • Free field frequency response: 29 Hz - 21 kHz (± 1 dB)


  • Maximum short time sine wave acoustic output at 1 m on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz: 113 dB SPL
  • Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with music material: 123 dB SPL @ 1m


  • Bass: 10"
  • Midrange: 5" laminate cone
  • Treble: 3/4" coaxial Al-dome

Amplifier Power /ch

  • Bass: 150 W
  • Midrange: 120 W
  • Treble: 120 W

Speaker Dimensions (H x W x D) & Weight

  • Mm: 570 x 358 x 344 mm (Height with Iso-Pod 593 mm)
  • Inches: 22 7/16 x 14 1/8 x 13 1/2" (Height with Iso-Pod 23 3/8")
  • Speaker Weight: 27.5 kg (60.5 lb)
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